Never get RTK Solution

  1. I have 2 Reach RS+ with firmware version 2.16.2 but bad luck 1 just fallen down and i set it as Rover , other 1 as Base

  2. here are system report

  3. as I said the Rover has fallen down
    I prepare the test set it side by side about 1 m
    Base at know coordinate send correction output via Lora
    Rover receive correction input via Lora
    but Rover Never get solution (Float/Fix) it always Single
    vice versa
    if the fallen one as Base / the good as Rover it can get Fix

  4. Sorry for my very poor English

  5. Picture of the setup and connection scheme.

  6. I am from Thailand in southeast Asia
    Thank you for your Help

Hello, where are you from ? depending on the continent is the configuration of stelites. I see that it has many satellites enabled.

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Hi Pat,

Please make sure you’ve entered the position of your base station.


Definitely enable GLONASS on both, that will probably fix it if the Rover isnt broke.

Your SNR is terrible. Snd baseline is obviously incorrect since 2 units 1 meter physically apart.

After that try unchecking the Send NMEA GGA…VRS if that doesnt work.

You may have to tweak the messages, but try the prior first.

Good luck.

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I’m from Thailand in southeast asia
i try several set and beidou is good fix than glonass

i will do the test again and make sure of that
thank you

from my experience beidou has a good fix than glonass especially for VRS
but i’ll try that
thank you

The more satellites the better as long as they are in your region/range. Don’t select satellites that are never in your region.

Don’t confuse this with checking as many satellite “messages”, too many will overload it. Use the bare minimum first.

try a satellite predictor also to see what is available in your region.

not familiar with VRS. Does he need this even if using a BASE and a ROVER?

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Skyplot for your region is good, you should be able to use all of the satellite constellations for GNSS select for both BASE and ROVER. When you don’t use GLONASS, you are probably not helping it.

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I used VRS for RTK with only one Reach where no known point.(but it get 20-30 min. to get fix or cannot get fix and then i average float to set coordinate)
and this is my test site tomorrow
i will set GPS/GLONASS(or BEIDOU) but GALILEO / SBS are required?

yes, the key here is the MORE SATELLITES the better for your GNSS Selection.

To clarify, you are using a BASE and a ROVER (which was dropped) correct?

Also, you may need to adjust the satellite selection in order to get the Update Rate you need and to enable GLONASS selection.

Looks like your best satellite choices are:

You may need to uncheck SBAS and (maybe QZSS) to be able to enable GLONASS, you need GLONASS. The update rate and satellite selection combination are preventing you from doing this.

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To clarify, you are using a BASE and a ROVER (which was dropped) correct?
yes i want to test my dropped Rover

but i have to choose between GLONASS an BeiDou , right ?
i will try both set,
and any suggestion for LORA settings i will increase air data rate, hope it help
thank you


You simply do not get “fix” because the baseline shown by your rover antenna is greater than 10,000kms.


Hello Pat,
I think you havn’t set a base coordinates correctly in the base mode (for the Base) as said smitry.ershov above…


Today i going to do some test again as your suggestion
at Test Site HERE

1.set the bad (fallen down) reach rs+ as ROVER / the good as BASE

  1. BASE : RTK Setting > GPS/Galileo/BeiDou at 5 Hz
    BASE : connect to my local CORS network but cannot get fix (as usual) so I do average FLOAT to set known coordinate for BASE point
    BASE: correction output via LoRa at 920 Hz / 18.23 kb/s / 1002 1006 1010 1097 1127

  2. ROVER : RTK Setting the same as BASE
    ROVER : Correction input via LoRa at 920 Hz / 18.23 kb/s

  3. the results as shown in picture below baseline is 10,000 km away never get Fix/Float

  4. i do reverse
    set the bad as BASE / the good as ROVER
    it get fix in minute as shown in picture below

so maybe hardware damage due to fallen from 2m height (as my first test the ROVER did not know the BASE position)
or (if luck) software error ?
thank you for all comments

Test Site


2 Reach RS+ bad as ROVER/ good as BASE

BASE Setting

ROVER Setting

Reverse Set the bad as BASE / the good as ROVER get fix in min.

here are log files
BASE ubx

this is another Test I use the bad reach rs+ (rebornRP) connect to local CORS network

Correction input from local NTRIP (Thailand CORS Network)

did not get Base Position (LLH)


compare to the good reach rs+ (reachPK) set up side by side the bad reach
correction input from local NTRIP (Thailand CORS Network)
get FLOAT in second and wait for FIX (as usual)

recieve Base Position (LLH)


and after set RTK settings to GPS only at 14Hz get fix in minute

Configure RTKsetings
base in Static and Rover kinematic

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