Need to collect points automatically at every meter with Emlid flow app


Hi Tim
Do you know of an app that works on iOS doing the same thing.
I am having the same problem but we are marking out and recording water ponding erosion control banks. So we have to drive a Side by side utility vehicle around a paddock watching the vertical height measurement and steering to maintain position on contour while tapping the record button at the same time. We have only just started working with our new emlid RS2 RTK setup and are really enjoying learning how to get the most out of the system, but being able to automatically record points would make it all more enjoyable .

I think i’m correct is saying that iOS doesn’t allow this style of app on their devices for security reasons. I remember looking for something on iOS but came to the conclusion that Apple was not allowing this type of app on their platform. I haven’t looked again recently though.

Thanks for the info. That would make sense because I haven’t been able to find an app to do it.
It looks like there are a few things that would be easier if I get an android tablet, might have to be my next move.

I just started a new topic outlining a couple of things we are trying find easier ways to do in the app. I mentioned the automatic logging of points and lines there as well, so hopefully if it gets mentioned often enough it might be included in the app soon.

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