Need some help figuring this out :)

Hello, i am new here and have just found out about the Reach/Reach RS, i want to be able to do high accuracy mapping/topography or as high accuracy that i can, without having to spend tons of money on survey equipment. i am thinking about a hexacopter, gimbal and a sony A7R or something that is +30mp or is that overkill ? pixhawk 1,2 or Navio2, what is best ? :stuck_out_tongue:
and to make it all work, do i only need the Reach and Reach RS ? and something to sync the camera with the system, using the flash?

and if someone can give me some tips on a hex frame (good quality) that would be awsome :slight_smile:

have a nice day everyone

This is what we do here, welcome!

Sony camera with hotshoe (A6000 is proven), Reach connected to it on your drone and Reach RS on the ground. That is the setup you are looking for :slight_smile:

hello, sorry for the late response :slight_smile:

so if it works with A6000 it should work with a A7R ? or what can go wrong ? :slight_smile: i am just thinking about getting as high pixel density so i can fly higher or at the same hight but get more details :slight_smile:
if i have a drone with Reach and a Reach RS will i get relative cm accuracy or absolute accuracy cm accuracy ? :slight_smile: if i dont have a known point ?

have a nice day :slight_smile:

It works with any camera that has a hot shoe interface.

You will get relative accuracy, it order to get absolute you will need to tie your base to a point with a known coordinate or to another base station with an absolute known coordinate.

okey, i am guessing that it can use a hot shoe, i will have to look into that :slight_smile:

so it cant sit there for a while and collect data and then figure out where it is ?
is this something that can be done in a accurat way in some kind of post processing ? as long as i have a good relative accuracy ?

sorry for all the stupid questions ^^

So if I good understand, you can get absolute accuracy for base if I have another base that is sending a correction?
I ask because I have 2 reach modules (1 base, 1 rover) and I have ordered Reach RS

no new awnsers in 12 says :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue: