Need help! Can’t get this to work at all!

New to this and we are having a hard time getting g everything g set up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Greg,

Would be great if you could start with sharing more information about the device you use and your workflow.


Sorry about that. Reach rs2. Medium size survey survey company all types of work from boundary to mortgage surveys. We dii ok have local ntrip no SIM card will be used with these devices. Only hotspot from either iPhone or iPads

So what’s going not as expected now? Does your Reach RS2 connect to iPhone/iPad’s hotspot?


I can’t get it to do anything. I downloaded the app. Updated the software and after that nothing. It will not connect to my hotspots for me to have internet so I can proceed to the next step and connect to my local vrs

Please double check you are entering the password correctly and that the hotspot on iPhone/iPad is running.

I have done that twice with both hotspots. The one on my phone and on my tablet

Can you connect to a normal wifi instead?


When I first got the unit I did connect to my home WiFi for the updatiing to happen. But now nothing else

Hi Greg,

May I ask you what iOS version your iPhone/iPad are updated to?

Both are running iOS 13.2.3


I’ve only now understood that we’ve been discussing this issue in the emails.

Let me try to explain how to connect to the mobile hotspot here.

If you’d like to connect Reach to the hotspot of your device while still connected to it via the Wi-Fi network, please, do the following.

Enable Reach’s internal hotspot in the Wi-Fi tab in the ReachView App and connect to it.

In the Wi-Fi tab, forget your Wi-Fi network so that Reach can’t connect to it later on.

Then, press Connect to a hidden network. Fill in the connection form with your mobile hotspot credentials. Then hit Connect. The network LED should start blinking blue on Reach.

After that, enable the Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile device. Please, make sure that your iPhone/iPad are not connected to any Wi-Fi networks at this moment.

Reboot the device with the Power button.

After the reboot, Reach RS2 should connect to your mobile hotspot.

Please keep us updated on the results.

Yes I see you and I have been already talking about this. I will try this S well you I get off work today. Any other advice or tips would still be appreciated

Ok so I tried this and still dies t work. I have even went as far as resetting the device to factory settings and started over. Still nothing. At this point I think I bought an expensive paper weight. Any other help would be greatly appreciated

I am wondering, does the Wifi tab in reachview even detect the hotspots?

Hi Greg,

Would you mind describing your actions step-by-step?

Is it not possible to connect the unit to the Wi-Fi network now or only to the hotspot of your smartphone?

I turn on the unit and wait for it to boot up. Once booted up it is broadcasting its WiFi signal. I go to my WiFi setting on my phone and connect to the reach WiFi. If I go into the WiFi setting on the app I have programmed the hotspot name and password for my phone. I turn off the unit and turn it back on. While it is rebooting I turn on the hotspot on my phone and it will not connect to the hotspot at all. I can connect it my home WiFi but not a hotspot WiFi. Also on my Apple phone and tablet You can not use the WiFi and a mobile hotspot at the same time. Am I just doing something wrong or is it not possible to do this with an Apple product???

Just couple of things i would like to mention.

  1. Make sure phone`s hotspot is up and running before you boot Reach up
  2. If that doesnt work, try a different phone/brand
  3. Make sure your phone is not using IP address range 192.168.2.something for its hotspot
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I’ve trying using my tablet for the ReachView app and my phone for a hotspot and that doesn’t work as well. I’ll check the IP address of both my devices

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I think this is the most important part here.

But it might be an issue with the phone itself. When you are connected with the Reach to your home Wifi and checking the Wifi tab in the app (through the tablet), can Reach detect your phone’s hotspot?