Navio2 with Jetson Nano

Any new hints on connecting Navio2 with Jetson Nano? I’ve found two previous topics about that, both ended up with conclusion that navio2 is only for Raspberry Pi, which is unfortunate, because Jetson Nano is much better for AI stuff, also recently with attractive price level.

Has anyone tried to connect those two platforms?
Any plans for development in this area?

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Hi @gileneusz,

Thanks for your patience!

We haven’t tried to accomplish the Jetson Nano integration as Navio2 was designed for Raspberry Pi. Your request is noted but we don’t have plans on it for now.

In the meantime, Navio2 supports Raspberry Pi 2, 3, and 4. Please, take a look at the Raspberry Pi configuration guide for more info.

Hi, @gileneusz, I’m also interested in Jetson Nano + Navio2. I recently purchased Navio2 hoping to use it with Jetson Nano which I already had for quite some time. Reading these posts, I decided to also buy Raspberry Pi 4 just to get started with Navio2. Looks like @G4GUO had some partial success with Jetson Nano, so I’m also inclined to give it a go until I get stuck. If you also plan to try it (even without official support), please share your findings.

Hi @tomas , I did just basic research on Navio2 and Jetson Nano build. I actually know nothing besides those two posts that I mentioned. But if there will be any success story on this build I would be happy to give it a try myself. Jetson Nano is super cheap, so more and more people will try it out.

Hi there,

This setup can hardly work since Navio2 is just not tailored for integrations with any other board except RPi. Navio2 depends on a specific set of GPIO pins with specific functions. As I can see from the Jetson Nano pinout, it differs from RPi’s one.

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