Jetson Nano with Navio2

Hi i want to use jetson nano with navio2 and i want to do autonomous drone with this hardware is it possible to use two of them ?

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It’s not plug and play, the Pi and Nano do share same GPIO pinout though. We were looking at developing another board for the Jetson Nano with high quality IMU and ZED F9P for a LiDAR project among others. The Nano is now companion computer to Pixhawk for now.

Maybe Emlid will jump onboard to make a Nano hat. The Nano is quality SBC for drone.

what about other jetson equipments

Such as? I think be same story for anything non RasPi.

There are other links out there how to setup Nano for drone control but Navio unfortunately is not the solution.

What do u think about rpi 4 with autonomous flight and image processing . Does it get too hot ?

No experience with rpi4 yet. By image processing you mean some form of computer vision?

i am trying to detect rectangle with rpi camera

Hi Eray,

Navio2 can work with RPi only.

Do u have experience with image processing with navio and rpi 4 autonomous flight. Does it get too hot ?

You should be ok with 4gb ram version.

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