Navio2-powered custom carbon frame quad

Hi guys, I am just wondering if you guys could help me to choose between these 4in1 ESC. Honestly I am heading for the fourth option but the third option looks good too. Before I buy anything I would like to hear your though about this setup. I can not change the motor or the propeller.



  3. RTF MINI “4-IN-1” 22-AMP ESC (35X50) BLHELI-(ONESHOT)

  4. LittleBee PRO 20A 2-4S 4in1 ESC w/ BEC

This is my setup, I may change the battery since this one is too small.

  1. Motor EMAX MT2213-920KV
  2. 8045 Carbon Fiber Propeller Props
  3. FLOUREON 4S 14.8V 1500mAh 45C Lipo Battery

This is the calculation built on the eCalc, thanks to Ole’s (ogulbrandsen) who have done the calculation for me and also for helping me so much :grin:

This is my frame, thanks again to Ole who have inspired me this frame.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.

Warm Regards.



Has been a while since I started this project. A few things changed but those are the latest pictures.


Hey there,

Great to see project updates, keep it up!

Looking forward to seeing flight videos

Nice work! Could you provide a picture of how your mounting system work for the arms? Keep up the great work!

I think is gonna take awhile to make it fly but I’m working on that.
I will work on the weekend and see if I can make the engines to run :grin:

Hi Marcello

Sorry for such delay to answer you but it is quite hard to unmount and take pictures.
Please have a look on the images bellow, i hope you enjoy. :wink:

Ah I see your basically using those motor mounts, I’ve though about that before but opted for a cross made out of CF instead of trying to bolt that between two 1mm plates. How does it work for you? I’m assuming your using two 1mm plate?

Thanks for taking the time for all the pics and taking it apart :smile: much appreciated!

Actually my carbon fiber sheet is 0.5mm thick. I didn’t get a good result with this carbon fiber, is not thick enough so I will change to 1mm. Also the H shape is too complicated for me.

My drone got fire last night :scream: I think I managed to save the navio board although for sure I lost the 4in1ESC, the Lipo Battery, the power module, and the wireless dongle. The raspberry pi got burn a little but still working and I am not sure about the all brushless motor, I hope is still working.

I reckon I will redesign the frame so I will post some pictures soon.

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Yeah I would figure 0.5mm is a bit weak when directly connecting the arms. WOW it set on fire? How the heck did that happen!? At least you saved the Navio, that ought to be the most expensive part. Agreed, I’m not sure about the practicality of the this kind of H frame. If you want to stick with the H frame try it sideways. (something like shown below)

This way you don’t need the complicated connectors you had going on and you can feed the rod all the way through the frame, allowing for more stability. Of course you can use the cf plate still which this person didn’t, I was just referring to the way this H frame was configured compared to yours, which is more like the DJI camera drone.

for the center plate even 1mm is to thin. Im usually using 1.5-2mm depending on the size of the copter, anything else is not stable enough. To reduce weight you can cut some holes in it, in appropriate positions depending on your design.

also the way how you attached the two arms of the H together, looks to me very unstable. dont they just twist ?
if this is you first copter i would recommend to go for a simple design. depending on the desired size you can have a look here for some ideas ( i bought a foldable hexa-frame from there. the quad-frames also look quite stable. And its affordable i think. or just to get ideas

regarding ecalc: dont know but 500g for a 600mm frame with 8" probs, its either to big to light or the props are to small
something doesnt add up there. with this framesize you could easily use 12-13" probs but then the motors arnt strong
enough. you might want to rethink that… but it depends what you want to built, a small, fast racing drone or a

just curious how did it burn up? was it the lipo or something else ?

It got on fire when I was doing the calibrations. I put up side down and the wires touch the speed controller (4 in ESC) which was on top of the drone. It happened so fast :unamused: but I was happy for saving the Navio board.

I will post some pictures after, I do not have the speed controller anymore because it melted and smell really bad. The apartment also smell so bad. I still have the raspberry, burned but incredible still working :flushed: and the CF plates.

I give up this H frame, I may go back another time but since this is my first drone and I am struggling too much to make it fly I decided to build a different shape hopefully much easy.

Ok… This is what is left over. Anyways I will focus on the next project

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Ouch! how did the wires touch?? I would definitely encourage a different frame type. Hope you have better luck this time :frowning:

I am not sure but the 4 in 1 ESC was in contact with the carbon sheet so maybe it was that and also I think I did not I isolate the cables properly and everting was a little messy.

It happened when I was doing the calibrations because you have to turn the drone around and when put the drone up side down it got on fire.

I will take care on the next project and the new ESC is smaller so it will helps a lot.

I though I lost the battery and the power module but actually it is still working, I bough a
Speed Controler Tester and for the very first time I saw the motors spinning :smiley:

Did you solder the wires to the ESC yourself?
If so, keep the unisolated wire as short as possible to reduce the chance of shorts, strand braking etc.

Yes… first time I did soldering in such small component :cold_sweat: I think I am getting better so I will do again on the weekend and see if I can get better result.

If you can’t get it closer just put a piece of small heat shrink on the wire that way you can shorten the unisolated part as much as possible. :thumbsup:

It would make sense if the ESC shorted with the Carbon, since it seems that the ESC is what burned up, while everything else didn’t.

I would bet one of the cables came unsoldered because in the picture it doesn’t look like anything is shorted. Tipping it over maybe put some tension on a cable and ripped it out, and it immediately made contact with another and kaboom. Sorry you had that happen, glad you were able to save a lot of your gear.

The picture he posted is of the new one, also hence he said shorted with the carbon fiber. Wether it is because it came unsoldered or not it likely shorted with the cf because when he turned it upside-down.