Navio2-powered custom carbon frame quad - Part II

Hey guys I just want to share this project with you and see what you guys think.

If you saw the previous project you may know it burned so I started this one and I hope I can make it fly this time

Please have a look on the hardware and the images.

Thanks in advance to all of you.

  • Radio Turnigy TGY-i6S - AU$ 119.99
  • 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz - AU$ 29.85
  • Speed controller Racerstar RS20Ax4 V2 - AU$ 57.99
  • Lipo Baterry Multistar 4S 5200mAh - AU$ 31.17
  • Carbon Fiber Tube - AU $23.76
  • Carbon Fiber plate - AU $27.03
  • 8 Pcs Aluminum Clamp - AU$ 18.31
  • Quadcopter Motor Mount Holder - AU$ 35.14
  • 4x Emax MT2213-935KV 2212 Brushless Motor - AU$ 66.92
  • Navio Board - AU$ 205
  • Raspberry Pi - AU$ 66.95

Total = AU$ 681

Blueprints of the project, see folder V0.4
Google drive public blueprints folder

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is there a spezific reason why the arms are not the same length and not 90° apart ? im not 100% sure if
the standard mixertables will work very well, never tried it myself, but found a few sources:

if its your first copter you probably want to stick to a more basic design first

source: (but its in german, nothing really in there you cant find free on the net if you know what to look for)

how the centerplate looks like doesnt matter as long as ist stable enough. an of course you can drive it in + or x configuration. just a suggestions…

Hi sicherlich_nicht. Thanks a lot for your insights :slight_smile:

Yes. It is because I had to move the gravity center in order to fit all the components and also to move away the propeller from the field view of the camera.

I didn’t make any calculations although I am more tham happy to do all the maths as soon as possible and hopefully with some luck I will have a good result.

If I had to stick with a basic design I would just buy one frame from the ebay instead build :wink: although I totally agree with you that would be much easy.

Ok. I did all the measures. I still have to interpret all those number but I hope it is alright.

i think the numbering is not entirely correct

which is essentially the same for navio2

i think its better to keep the numbering as arducopter expects it, though if you can change the mixertable
it will probably work as well. But i dont know about the PWM connections, they need to be connected accordingly

I do believe that would be considered a V frame type (aka spyder) in ArduCopter.

Motor numbering is same as an X. I am assuming they are doing roll/yaw mixing with the V frame type due to asymmetry. Never built one so don’t know the specifics.

Hey thanks again guys. I think I fixed the numbers, please have a look.

that looks more like it, i googled a little bit , but i cant find anything quickly on the mixer settings in arducopter
probably hardcoded, not sure.
only thing you can chose is when you go to frame setup you need to select “V” Style (not V-Tail !!!)
but i dont know if there is anything else you need to change
Good Luck!

Hey guys I think I manage to put all the main parts together. This is the actual result of the frame. Battery still siting on the side so hopefully I will sort everything by today.

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