NAVIO2 Power Module readings in APM Planner show zero

I have NAVIO2
Using APM planner 2

I get Battery Voltage and and Current 0

When I run I get:
cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch0
cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch2
cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch3

Jun 06 11:45:33 navio systemd[1]: Started ArduPilot for Linux.
pi@navio:~ $ cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch0
pi@navio:~ $ cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch2
pi@navio:~ $ cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch3
pi@navio:~ $ cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch3

is this read out from Raspi ok?

What is missing? Some setup in APM planner 2 ?

Please give some directions

Hello there!

Is this happening during a flight? The power module is only able to measure currents around 10 amps.

This is on the ground.

Below result from ADC python:

pi@navio:~/Navio2/Python $ sudo python
A0: 5.2240V A1: 0.0280V A2: 1.0160V A3: 0.0400V A4: 0.0080V A5: 0.0300V
A0: 5.2460V A1: 0.0280V A2: 1.0240V A3: 0.0400V A4: 0.0320V A5: 0.0140V
A0: 5.2480V A1: 0.0240V A2: 1.0280V A3: 0.0480V A4: 0.0080V A5: 0.0300V
A0: 5.2480V A1: 0.0280V A2: 1.0240V A3: 0.0540V A4: 0.0080V A5: 0.0320V

Looks like A2, A3 show some kind of values.

I use Lipo 3s 1800mAh battery and power module from NAVIO2 kit.

Even current should be > 10A why there is no voltage.

In fact voltage is very crucial since it is very easy to drain your battery.

Other important question; can you setup some kind of security limit to cut of battery and protect it from damage? Standard ESC has such a feature. Does Navio2 power module has it?

I would appreciate your guidlines. I read this forum and no clear answer.

EMLID - please response. Same issue with Batt voltage = 0 in Mission Planner. This data is quite crucial.

Please tell what else can be checked on AruPlane / Mission Planner config side?

Does above data prove that NAVIO2 kit power module is electronically ok and this is just data transfer issue?

Additionally, I’ve checked using MAVProxy:

1924: SYS_STATUS {onboard_control_sensors_present : 23198783, onboard_control_sensors_enabled : 6421567, onboard_control_sensors_health : 24181807, load : 15, voltage_battery : 0, current_battery : 0, battery_remaining : 100, drop_rate_comm : 0, errors_comm : 0, errors_count1 : 0, errors_count2 : 0, errors_count3 : 0, errors_count4 : 0}

Mavlink transfer 0 battery voltage.

As you see above I get voltage from python level and rcio level

pi@navio:~ $ cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch2

So what is wrong with arduplane setup? Why there is no voltage in mavlink data?

Can somebody answer? Or this is something else? Please give me some guidelines; I am getting really desperate

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Could you please set BATT_VOL_PIN to 2 and CURR_PIN to 3 in your parameter list, reboot and then try power module configuration once again.