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Successfully 60min maden flight with Navio+. 4G cellular communication

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #1


Today i was flying around for 60min using Cellular modem for video and telemetry.
Navio+ rocks the skies. :smiley: . After takeoff, i performed an Autotune and that’s it. Nothing more adjustment needed. Aircraft was flying rock solid. Awesome…

Thank you all at Emlid for this great flight controller… Really appreciate it.

Fixed wing end-to-end project with Navio
(Mikhail) #2


Awesome! Thanks for the video:) How far did you fly away from the home point?

(Igor Vereninov) #3

Very impressive!

P.S. VW Golf for life :sunglasses:

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #4

Not to far as this was the maden filght. I think approx 2km. But next time i will go far far away. :smile:
I need to simulate GCS failsafe in Air before doing any drastic flyaways…

Thank you for all the effort you have put into the RTK kernel @mikhail. Keep up the good work.

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #5

It’s actually an E-Golf… :smile: i have enough batteries for my GCS… haha

(Igor Vereninov) #6

E-Golf? Makes me feel like a caveman, you certainly like using latest technology :smile:

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #7

Technology is what keeping us alive, Isn`t it?

(Igor Vereninov) #8

Especially true for Emlid team :smile:

(Tim Kaiser) #9


Can you sent details of your setup and config?

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #10

I`m working on a [HOW TO].
I think it will be ready in a day or two.

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #11


(Igor Vereninov) #12

Bernt, a very impressive guide! Absolutely loved your old-fashioned glider.

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #13

Thx @ivereninov
It`s a Pilot-RC Bergfalke II-55 Classic. 5.5m wingspan :smile:

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #14

I will stream directly from my airplane to ustream today during 1hour flight… (Or at least try :slight_smile:
Check it out

(Igor Vereninov) #15

Bernt, this is insanely cool :smiley:

Posted on our twitter and fb :slight_smile:

(Bernt Christian Egeland) #16

Never tried this before, so i dont know the quality. Hopefully not to bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pluto) #17

Nice work guys!!
I am working on an academic project for my masters. A quick question!! Is navio+ same as using pixhawk+reach??

(Tony Wall) #18

It’s the same as Pixhawk with GPS module. You don’t “need” Reach if you already have a RasPi2, Navio+ and GPS antenna. That’s the same (and much more) capability as Pixhawk.

My personal preference for Reach is as a static RTK (high accuracy GPS) ground station and antenna tracker system combo, because:

  1. It’s a waste of money to pay for an extra Pixhawk/Navio just to do antenna tracking. I say that assuming the price is lower. I guess that depends on bulk pricing of the Intel chips (equivalent to the RasPi part of the Navio). Reading Emlid’s blog on the subject shows positive signs in this area: http://www.emlid.com/reach-manufacturing-update/

  2. Reach has a decent processor so we can do a lot more stuff in addition to the obvious RTKLib GPS accuracy boost (already a great feature). I’m thinking about some kind of ground station enhancement like a central/shared telemetry link repeater.

All neat ideas for a university project, good luck and don’t forget they also announced educational discounts!

Where and when can I buy Reach?
(Plinio Augusto ) #19

Hello !
This drone has speed sensor?

(Richard Balauro) #20

Great work!