Navio2 external status led and beeper

Hello everyone. I just received my navio2 about a week ago, and I’m integrating it into my hexicopter.

Before this, I was using a pixhawk. With the pixhawk there was a switch for arming and disarming, a smaller buzzer to hear the status, and I was using an external led to show me the status of the flight controller. These had their own spots to plug into the pixhawk. As of now, I’m loving the navio2, and everything from my osd to my taranis telemetry works. I’m not sure how to integrate the buzzer, or how to add an external led that copy the navio 2 status led.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Pat,

Welcome to the community forum!

It should be possible to connect an external LED over I2C port that will duplicate the main LED by default. However, it might require some tuning of ArduPilot to set it up.

Regarding the buzzer, please check the answer from George in this thread:

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