Navio2 and barometer

I am moving from pixhawk into Navio2 for my fixed wing. When I run emlidtool I get the error: “ms5611: Failed
– Reason: Is barometer covered with a foam?”
However, when I run the utility I get the following readings:
pi@navio:~/Navio2/Python $ python
Temperature(C): 37.326005 Pressure(millibar): 806.004307
Temperature(C): 37.288832 Pressure(millibar): 806.027330
Temperature(C): 37.293624 Pressure(millibar): 806.005595
Temperature(C): 37.292912 Pressure(millibar): 806.006510
Temperature(C): 37.294984 Pressure(millibar): 806.010642
Temperature(C): 37.299582 Pressure(millibar): 806.029619

Does ArduPilot show any barometer-related warnings? There’s a possibility the check in emlidtool is just too strict.

Hi George; there are no warnings on Mission Planner. So I guess that the barometer check in emlidtool is too strict—just like you mentioned.

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