Navio+ isn't detected

Hey guys, I am also having this issue. Not recognised by emlidtool. Just wondering what the outcome was.
Note I have a Navio+ and a Raspberry Pi 4 model B 4gb ram.

Hi Rhody,

What image version is installed on your device?

Do you have another Raspberry Pi board to check Navio+ with? We’ve tested Navio+ with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, so it should work fine with it.

I believe the image is 20200922
Version says 5.10.11-emlid-v71+
I may be able to find another Pi but mine is brand new (Rpi 4 model B)

Hi Rhody,

I’ve just tested Navio+ with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2 GB RAM. It recognizes Navio+ in the software.

Please test your Navio+ with another Raspberry, if possible. This will help to make sure that the first board doesn’t cause the issue itself.

Also, you may check the physical connection between Navio+ and Raspberry. If it’s loose or too tight, it can cause such behavior.

Hi I tried a different raspberry and am having the same issue. I checked the continuity of each pin from the Navio to the raspberry pi and they seemed to be all fine. Also note that the lights are luminating on the Navio.

Hi Rhody,

Let’s reflash the current SD card with the latest image and check whether it resolves the issue.

Do you have another SD card to use with Raspberry Pi? If the reflashing doesn’t help, it’s useful to check the board with another card. So, we can eliminate the possible issues from the SD card side.

Tried re-flashing on a different sd, no luck :confused:

Hi Rhody,

Please run the emlidtool info command on your Navio+. I want to check the exact output of this command.

Also, can you share the close-up photos of your Navio+ connected to Raspberry Pi? Maybe, there’s something wrong with the physical connection that I might find in the photos.

Here’s a few photos.

Also not sure if it’s relevant, but the A and C leds on the navio+ light up dull when the os is running (shutdown turns leds off while main one stays on)

Hi Rhody,

Thanks for your patience.

From all the troubleshooting we went through this far, it looks like the board experience hardware malfunctioning. It prevents your Navio+ from being recognized in the software.

Please check your PMs. I’ve messaged you there about what we can do further.