Navio 2 Hardware in the Loop

Hi All,

I would like to test my hardware by using a hardware in the loop simulation with X-Plane. My intended platform is a plane running the Arduplane Firmware

I have found a few posts giving vague details on how to do this here

I have also found another post here suggesting that this cannot be done.

Is it true that you cannot install HIL firmware on the navio2? If not does anyone know how to accomplish this?



HIL is no longer supported by ArduPilot, instead you can run SITL. You can actually run SITL ArduPilot on RPi, while having X-Plane on the PC with communication via TCP/IP. That would be kind of a HIL.

Thanks Igor, Will try SITL and let you know how it goes.


That just gives you synthetic data, it will not be real HIL data coming from the sensors on the Navio.