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My next build!

(Kael29lv) #103

Thanks for the help with posting this stuff. Just to clarify, you aren’t using an on-battery Battery Management System and instead are just running the sense wires to a connector for when you’re charging?

I ask because I’ve also been following this: http://www.ebikeschool.com/how-to-build-a-diy-electric-bicycle-lithium-battery-from-18650-cells/

He uses an on-battery BMS. I have a high-end smart charger, so if it’s not needed and just the connector is, then that’d save me some time/weight.

(Ole) #104

I’m not using any Battery Management System (BMS), and I’m just soldering directly to the batteries. I do not think a BMS is needed, as long as you make sure you do not over discharge the batteries, use a balance charger and test the internal resistance from time to time with the charger if it has that function. For the soldering, I use a high temperature on the iron (380-390C), sand the ends first, and start by adding a small amount of solder on the battery first, then once it is cooled I solder the pre-tinned wire to this. The battery barely gets warm at all and I have not seen any reduction in capacity.

(DylanTheSurvivor) #105

When will it be on the market?

(NRC) #108

Boss, very nice. so, you cut the long t-motors wires and shortened it and then soldered it to the ESC. I see. Thanks for sharing the details.



one questions regarding the E8278 usb modem router that you used.
Is it possible to power this modem directly from the raspberry pi 4 usb ports ??
If yes, is it possible somehow to prevent the raspberry from recognizing this modem as a device ??

Please advice . than you

(Beytullah Durası) #110

Hi! Which Air frame type did you choose for your drone on MP ? I am not sure about choosing V-Tail or Quadrotor x Type of frame on Mission Planner. Thanks for your help.