My M2 setup

planning to add cooling fan

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That’s pretty professional looking Joseph !

I’m still planning on revising my PVC pipe design… just need to find the time !

I’m not too worried about temp of M2. I’ve been using a small hip bag to keep mine in while on pole.
It’s never gotten to hot.

Hi. What is the name of the type of connector that you use to extend the lora radio antenna and which store can I buy it?


i will consider using hip bag soon.

I haven’t used the M2 and hip bag in the rain… I don’t like working in rain and I don’t expect anyone to work in it either.

I really like your setup Joseph.

thank you, im planning also to build mold case for M2 so that it will be nicer to look at. im still new to this. i have use this on my 3 client land survey using cheap chinese Geodetic antenna the result is good still acceptable here in the philipines not more than 10cm. ± 5cm most of the time campared to a Total station

i think the helix antenna of emlid will give me better result since it is intended for m2.


The only reason I don’t use the helical antenna is that it’s not in the NGS database of antennas for using OPUS. The helical antenna is a good antenna. I setup on known NGS control station for 1 hour to verify how good it is. After PP, data checked <2cm horizontal/vertical with known coords.

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very nice. have you tried using helix antenna on RTK mode thru Lora Radio?

No, just static. I’ve got two M2’s using the Harxon antennas as a static baseline. I use my Javad Victor LS as a RTN receiver. If I loose cell coverage, I can verify any rover locations by PP using the two local M2’s as a closed polygon. This gives me absolute confidence in position accuracy if I lose cell for my RTN rover. Many times the baselines are less than 2km. Closures both horizontal/vertical are most times <1cm.

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wow 1cm. very nice

There’s too many Surveyors out there that really don’t verify positions like they should. I trust single baseline solutions, but verify. There’s just too much liability/reputation on me and my firm to take chances like others do. Sometimes, I don’t trust myself !

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Joseph, if you need an idea for a mount for the helical antenna


nice thank you!

I used a drill press for the centering of the 5/8"x11 adapter on the end cap and also the antenna on the end cap. I also countersunk the base of the antenna into the end cap approx 5mm. The antenna only has two screw mounts, so this gave it additional stability. When I originally made the mount, I had planned to have enough room for both the M2 and the battery but I miscalculated the diameter I needed. I was really too excited about making the mount and got carried away in the excitement.

I’m planning on maybe buying the LoRa radios but I don’t really need it. If I do, I’ll redesign the mount to enclose everything. As I mentioned before, I’m using the Harxon antennas now. I could use this design to enclose the battery, M2 and LoRa and mount on side of the rod with a hose clamp… like the ones used on a radiator hose. Maybe even make some kind of bracket for the LoRa antenna at the GNSS antenna.

Just some ideas floating in this big head of mine

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i have lot to improve with mysetup. to add cooling blower in the base station since it is always exposed on open field area. i like also to put the power inside the enclosure.


Joseph, for the battery, antenna wires, you could get about a 1.5’ long hose to slip the wires through and over the rod. That way in the woods, less stuff hanging out to get tangled on.

i will try that. thank you sir Bryan

Does it get warm? Did you end up using a fan or was it not really needed?

yes, it get warm. i added heat sink and 5v fan on my base