Multiple RTCM outputs

I am asking this again.

Is multiple RTCM output from a M2/RS2 possible?

I am working on getting a 3rd party LoRa radio module to work with a Trimble monitor but, If I cannot get it to work, the dual output would fix the issue.

If RTCM could be output from both the internal LoRa and either serial or USB OTG this would solve my issue.

I can connect a RFD900+ via USG OTG to the RS2 and it transmits to a matching radio connected to my Trimble monitor while the internal LoRa radio transmits to my other two RS2’s. One base, three receivers using two types of radios.

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Hi @jp-drain-sol,

I’ve checked out your previous discussion with Tatiana and Ksenia. I guess I can hardly tell you any other information. We would be glad to help you with this difficulty you have faced but our receivers can only output RTCM3 in one of the available ways. Currently, It’s not possible to transmit the corrections via Serial and LoRa at the same time.

Thank you for the reply.

Is this is a hardware restriction or a programming restriction of only one output?

This is not due to hardware or software restrictions. At the moment, our devices simply don’t support this feature. This is a fairly rare request and requires additional development to add this. However, we’ll certainly look into it and consider what can be done in the future.

So you are saying it might be doable if you had enough requests to do so?

Hi @jp-drain-sol,

Introducing new features depends not only on the number of requests. The number of use cases that require this feature and the complexity of the development also play a crucial role. We don’t have multiple RTCM3 support in our current plans since the use cases seem rare and specific. Usually, one RTCM3 output via NTRIP, LoRa, or external radio is enough.

That’s alright. I have my LoRa to third party radio working so I will not need it now. Thank you.

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