Can the M2 output RTCM to multiple "ports"

It has the options of SERIAL, NTRIP, TCP, LoRa and BT. Can it simultaneously send out RTCM to Serial and LoRa for example or LoRa and BT

Hi @jp-drain-sol,

You can only use one way to output base corrections at a time.

Why do you want to use several options simultaneously? Maybe, we can recommend an alternative solution if we know your use-case.

Using multiple brand rovers, Emlid and Trimble. This is why several have asked for a '“3rd party” version of the LoRa radio.

I do not want to use NTRIP. I am working with vertical accuracy. I also do not want to have to supply data to all the rovers.

If there were a LoRa radio that could be connected via serial data to the 3rd party system this would eliminate the need for two outputs.

Since the Emlid receivers are RS2, it makes no sense to add 3DR radios to them when they have built in LoRa.

I do know another way of doing it though. I know with serial data the TX line can be split or Y’ed. When the LoRa radio is connected to the M2 it is still using serial data. What data rate is it using? I can connect my LoRa, Y the TX line to a RFD900 RX and transmit both that way.

Hi @jp-drain-sol,

Reach LoRa radios use a 38400 baud rate.

Please note that Reach LoRa radios use the custom protocol and work only with LoRa radios of other Reach units. That’s why we don’t provide the radios for 3rd-party receivers.

I wouldn’t recommend splitting the TX line, as we can’t predict whether the LoRa radio module will be operational after the procedure. If I get it right that you plan to connect a pair of RFD900 radios to the Reach base and the Trimble rover, I’d suggest attaching another RFD900 radio to the Reach rover. In this case, you can work without LoRa radio modules connected to Reach M2 units.

To learn how to integrate the RFD900 radio with Reach M2, you can explore this sketch.

Is this a data protocol i.e. packet size or a radio protocol. I would have to assume a radio for instance the frequency hop or something along those lines.

I tend to think you are not “re-inventing the wheel” by manipulating the RTCM 3.X data. If the TX line of the LoRa port is transmitting RTCM at 38,000 baud, splitting the TX line should not create any issues. I know the M2 & LoRa module need to communicate with one another to operate. The LoRa radio communication sent to the RFD900 would be disregarded as not needed. The TX line of the LoRA would still be returning needed info to the M2.

I also thought of another solution. First there are 4 ports on a Trimble FMX. External receivers can be ported in via port A or B and RTCM can be ported in port C or D.

Since I am porting in RTCM to the Trimble monitor via RS232 serial data on port D of the monitor, I can Y the TX port from the 3DR radio to the RS2 RX port that is connected to Port A if using a single external receiver or daisy chain it to port A & B if using dual external receivers. This way, one radio does the trick with only adding a single line/connection 12" long from port to port.

I know a lot of users are thinking why would you need 3 receivers on one machine (Trimble internal and 2 RS2 external) I will be using the Trimble internal GPS for steering and the two RS2 external on a 24’ box scraper with the receivers mounted on the left and right side of the box scraper. This way the box scraper maintains grade in all directions (forward/back/left/right) when land leveling or sloping.

I can test my theory in a week or so. I think this might be a better option as the LoRa cannot send the data I want all constellations at 5Hz where the RFD900 can.

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Hi @jp-drain-sol,

Different companies have their own firmware and configuration protocol for LoRa radios that they produce. That’s why the LoRa radios from various manufacturers are incompatible.

I can hardly confirm that the setups you described will work, as we haven’t tested anything similar. Please note that as the base unit stands in one place, the 1 Hz update rate should be enough for the corrections.

I know I have split the TX line from a Parani SD1000 Bluetooth device and fed CMR to a Trimble FMX on one end and a Trimble 372 on the other.

TX can be split to mutilple devices RX cannot.


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