Multiple Rinex files base in RTKLIB?

Hi from Spain. My question is about the RTKLIB, I am using it to calculate a post-processing of a baseline in which the Rinex data of the database will be downloaded from the reference database of my country, what happens is that the rinex data can be download for full hours, for example, if I do the static measurement from 18:30:49 to 19:15:00 in the reference base I can get two rinex files, one for 18 to 19 and another from 19 to 20, so far everything OK. When doing post-processing in RTKLIB, how can I load these two observation files? or how can I join those two rinex files?


You can combine them with a wildcard, like: [path]*.20o

Please can you explain a little more detail? thanks

THANKS, I have already solved it

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