Allow wildcards and/or multiple selection for input choices

I’m impressed how ES improved in few months I’m not using it: many thanks for the efforts!

Unfortunately, I can see that it still does not support for multiple selection or wildcard (e.g. *.obs) usage for the inputs. As in another topic the solution is going back to the pure RTKlib. In particular, the usage of wildcards would allow to exploit all those [maybe less widespread?] formats that RTKlib can read but ES does not. As an example, for every GNSS work I do in my region, I have to deal with the base data in .22d format…and ES dos not allow to convert it to RINEX either.

Is there any possibility/plan for having it in ES? it would really semplify the workflow.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @nimar,

Many thanks for using Emlid Studio and sharing your feedback!

Yeah, indeed, we only added the ability to add multiple nav and base files for now. But I’ll note your request.

The same is for compressed RINEX files in .22d format.

UPD. Added note about multiple base files support.

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Thank you very much for your continuous improvement and consideration of new feature requests.
I hope to see that soon!

Feel free to share other requests if you have them :slightly_smiling_face: