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Multi-band Reach RS2 is here!

(Tatiana Andreeva) #105

Hi @esa.attia,

At the moment, IMU isn’t supported in the software.

Sure, Reach RS2 can output coordinates in the ERP format.

(Esa Attia) #106

Ok i think the specs page only says NMEA and LLH/XYZ – I assume that is a typo

Any chance we can geta hold of a CAD model ? (STEP file maybe) so we can integrate the RS2 in our system design ?

(Dmitriy Ershov) #107

Hi Esa,

CAD model will be available a bit later

(Esa Attia) #108

even a basic model will do …we just need a place holder …if possible

If you can privately send me that that would be appreciated

(Nuno Santos) #110

Hi guys,

i’ve been following the RS2 topics with very interest.

From what i’ve saw, the ublox zed-f9p with its high update rate, is suitable for highly dynamic applications such as UAVs and ground robotics navigation, among many other applications.

For this kind of applications, ublox maximized the chances to get more satellite signals and fast time to get a rtk fix, even in urban environments, by choosing the GNSS signals. For this reason, GPS L5 and Galileo E5a are not enabled, because have weak signals.

Under canopy, a reliable RTK fix it’s more important than a fast RTK fix, in canopy it’s not rare to see a bad fix repeat for 30-60 seconds. So, in these environments i think GPS L5 and Galileo E5a can improve the reliability (%) of RTK fixed positions. It seems that’s a question of enable the signals in the chip by ublox:


Hope that you can test these options to enhance the Reach RS2 accuracy and precision under canopy! :slight_smile:

Continue the good work!

(Bene Factum Ingenieros Consultores Sas) #111

¿When is the formal distribution of RS2 equipment started? I bought 2 units of RS2 in COLOMBIA with the first batch. What was planned to “start the shipment in mid-June”

(Luis Galina) #112

when will we have any news of the shipment?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #114

Hey there,

We will send a notification to all who made a pre-order in the nearest time! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Luis Galina) #116

@tatiana.andreeva Thank you