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Multi-band Reach RS2 is here!

(Timd1971) #82

It’s like what the Ring company is and has done to the ADT company in the Security industry.

Trimble, Leica, etc is the best, and is required by LARGE survey/engineer companies for gov’t work etc, but… Emlid with such great pricing, quality etc etc… now definilty poses a REAL SERIOUS threat to their comfortability level… or let’s just say no more of the CUSH life golfing and screwing around for their reps.

I’d wait until you receive and fully get aquainted with your new RS2 receivers before selling though, but once so, sell em quick to get the most out of them. It will be a good while before that kind of equipment ever loses a ton of value though… too many engineers, surveyors swear by them and will NEVER change to Emlid. Just the way it is. This is for the most part, not the people who take that risk for the better.

(Andreas Ortner) #83

… i did order one! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

(Andreas Ortner) #84

@TB_RTK please no crashing rc car videos with RS2 :joy:


Dont worry! I`ll be crashing with something els this time :sunglasses:


Don’t forget to wear your helmet, Mr Crash!

(John B) #87

Any Plans for an “M2” ? Would love to see the F9P integrated into the M packaging and form factor.

(Timd1971) #88

Seems it would be inevitable.


No leaks, honestly. Just a lucky guess with coincidental timing :smiley:

(Rafael Garcia Estevez) #90

Trabajará Reach RS2 con Fieldgenius o Carlson Survce?

(Matt Bodnar) #91

The RS2 should work with any application that is compatible the NMEA protocol.

That being said, it would be incredible if FieldGenius could add a native Ublox/Emlid driver to optimize the message delivery and allow full control of the unit including controlling the radio settings etc… I am not sure Hexagon Corp would ok this dev time without capital support from Emlid/Ublox… In the short term this would keep the professional survey crowd happy while Emlid considers Geodetic enhancements to the ReachView app.