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Multi-band Reach RS2 is here!

(Timd1971) #62

Don’t forget Tilt Compensation! : )

I guess that would be a future version.


If you look, it is there.

from: https://reachrs2.emlid.com

GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS
L1OF, L2OF, L1C/A, L2C, E1B/C, E5B, B1I, B2I

(Maciej) #64

“configuring NMEA output—all can be done in ReachView”

Does it mean that you can configure nmea e.g. output only GGA or VTG and skip rest of NMEA?


If/when that feature becomes available, it would come to all devices. It is a software thing.

(Maciej) #66

Are there any plans when it becomes avalaible?


Thank you bide. I didnt realize the E5B was considered the same as L5 but this helpz.

My other question on the 3G or 3.5G modem in the RS2 and the deprecation of 2G and 3G in the USA by the major cellular providers concerns me. Am I missing something? What are the options for using a 4G LTE sim card in the unit?


Well not quite the same. The E means Galileo, but each constellation is represented there with two frequency bands.

(Christian Grüner) #69

a 4G/LTE sim-card should work fine with 2g/3g as well. A normal mobile phone still uses 2g/3g as fallback, when 4G signal sucks (which it does a lot of times still)

(Pascal) #70

Hi Emlid, do you have a baseline sample with RS2 (so 2 Rinex), so we can definitely be convinced by the quality of records and buy a lot of them ?

Bassline sample: short_bassline.zip (205.3 KB)

OK, so it's not a Reach RS2 base line test. But it is April Fools' Day!

(Pascal) #72

:roll_eyes: kids everywhere…

(Dmitriy Ershov) #73

Hi Pascal,

Field tests and data samples will be available later this month.

(Pascal) #74

Good ! Please publish before the price discount ends ! :wink:


Kids at heart anyway :slight_smile:

(Timd1971) #76

Uhhhh… you’ve asked this AFTER the special discount has already ended March 31?

If your buying a bunch of these… might be a good idea to talk to them about a quantity rate discount?

(Timd1971) #77

Kids with about $4000 burning a hole in their pocket fir 2x RS2! ; )

(Pascal) #78

@timd1971 have a look on store date is set to end of April now. Good move from Emlid, my credit card was burned in March…

(Timd1971) #79

ok, I see $100 off instead of $150 off now.

(Matt Bodnar) #80

Hi @igor.vereninov;

I am an ‘advanced’ hobbyist GNSS mapping and geospatial enthusiast in Vancouver, Canada. I began with Trimble GIS gear, then Hemisphere and even my own DIY arduino set-up with a core P303 GNSS module. I have always been amazed at the sticker price and the reliance on old slow Windows Mobile.

I was aware of the reach product but was uncertain i could rely on the single frequency positioning. I have just pre-ordered the dual RS2 kit and look forward to the testing. Excellent job with the development of this equipment.

Does this mean I can finally sell off all my Trimble and Hemisphere gear?

Also, is there going to be an accessory case that can hold the dual RS2 RTK kit all in one?


(Brent Wiebe) #81

@DetritalGeo You better sell your Trimble gear while there’s still a market for it :slight_smile: LOL
I also vote for the accessory case that could hold two receivers.:+1: