Moving Base with reach

we had this tread for some times. has anybody finally get this thing working.

i mean:

A) reach as static base

b) vehicle with 2 reach units

one for rtk gps
second for calculating heading (roll) and output enu

need this for my autonomius tractor project

thanks to all

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Are you talking about traversing your base so you have several locations for it and get the same results?

Hi @Andreas_Ortner,

At the moment Reach doesn’t officially support IMU, so it’s better to have an external one on your tractor. That’s how users usually work with autonomous tractors.

Sorry, i think i was not clear enough.

I dont wont use imu of reach.

i use one reach as base station

second reach on tractor for rtk position

third reach on tractor using second reach as moving base and calculating heading and height difference. (enu)

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Good thinking! This is almost the same process that heavy equipment GPS machine-control came to be. Within the last 2 years machine control went wireless externally and everything is integrated. I just wanted to share that because I think a broad understanding is the key to any GPS endeavor. Like how I watch AG (even though I don’t understand most of it), but I see practices that could possibly be a better way of us doing construction surveying.

Hi @Andreas_Ortner,

At the moment, moving-base is not officially supported.
I’d recommend you to read other threads about moving base here (1,2,3).

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