Motor/ESC problems with RC passthrough enabled

I put my Navio2 on my S500 frame. I want to use a servo release with this frame, to drop a payload. I connected the servo to output 6.
As long as I do not activate passthrough for RC_6, everything is fine, but as soon as I set RC_6 to passthrough and click “write” in the full parameter list, all four motors start to twitch and turn randomly. This only stops if I set RC_6 function to 0 again. It is the same for all other outputs. I tried the dropdown selection for the camera shutter in the gimbal setup screen of missionplanner and all channels show the same behaviour.
I should add, I am using a QBrain 20A 4in1 ESC with BLheli firmware. It worked fine with all FCs I had so far.

Your tip solved my problem in that thread. I disabled all of my gimbal settings. Somehow they were causing issues with the pulse frequencies on the navio pins.

We have a QBrain here and will try to replicate the problem, thanks for noticing this.