Motor choppiness

Guys I’m running 4006 380kv tmotor- motors and 20amp multistar slim v2s with blheli. The sounds I’ve been hearing sound like erroneous pulses and the motors agitate erratically. Is there a setting on these escs or MP to smooth these out? I was running a qbrain 4 in 1 and it didn’t work these motors over near as bad as these. Hopefully someone has experience with this. Thanks guys!

I haven’t used the esc’s in question, but I can suggest an alternative, I have found hobbywing rotorx esc to be bulletproof reliable and plug and play with lower kv motors. I went through the esc swapping game with low kv t motors until I tried the rotorx’s, they are great.

What about some of these?? Made by the same company you suggested and would fit my 16mm booms perfectly. Anyone have any info on them? Look sweet as hell though. Check the specs Emlid and see if they’ll be compatible if you get time guys.

Thanks a lot!!

Those look pretty fancy. I haven’t used them, but I can say my xrotors work with 4010-14 370kv spinning 15x5 CF props on my octa like a dream.

The compatibility wouldn’t have anything to do with the navio, it has to do with the firmware on the esc. the arducopter software sends the same signals regardless of what your drive system is.

Here is a compatibility chart:

As you can see my motors are not on there, but still work great.

Are 20A enough for your application? What size props are you spinning?

Here’s a reference as to what size esc you should use based on prop size from there site…

Have you done an ecalc for your build? Might be worth it to ensure you don’t run into any further problems…

Yeah man, I checked their compatibility chart. I used ecalc when I built the rig. Including battery and total gear I still fall under 2 kilos. I swing 13x5.5 on 380 with 6cell. 16amps is max draw on the motors and I’ve been rocking 20amp escs since the build. They just give off a weird hesitation sound to them

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check out my vid and tell me what you think might be going on… I havent got the slightest idea.

I’m working on getting the bin file loaded now.

Ok here’s the bin file. Please review thank y’all!

Doesn’t sound like what I was getting.

I was getting something like this:

There’s some much smarter people than I on this forum, let’s see what they say…

Maybe a bearing has gone bad? Does the sound come from all the motors or just one?

All the motors and it kinda bounces a bit

It’s been like this from the beginning. All this equipment is new. Thinking maybe that the escs were the issue since everything I see in the log looks fine unless I’m missing something

If it was me, I would would swap out the escs and see if that makes a difference, I bet it will…

I have some coming in that are the ones I mentioned earlier in this post. If they work MAN! They’re gonna set my bird off! Super anxious lol


Let us all know how it works out and post some shots once you get it all dialed in…

Will do, it’s coming snail mail so I’ll be biting my nails till then


I need someone’s 2 cents on this one. I ordered some escs as described earlier in this thread which have not arrived yet btw but, something told me to pull out one of my pixhawks and give it a try so that I can test a known working device as a neutral against navio. I have dropped 3 links below 1 .bin file of the pixhawk as a comparison to the bin I dropped last night and 2 videos 1 proof it’s a pixhawk and 1 of it flying. Now, I have proof it’s not an esc issue its something to do with the Navio either software or firmware. I attached a .bin for the flight last night with navio and a .bin for the pixhawk flight tonight. If anyone has more sense than I do to review these .bin files and help explain to me what’s going on with the navio I’ll be in debt to you.

Thanks so much


Bin file:


Pixhawk flight:

Your videos are private…

Sorry I lead you astray on the escs.

Snap, I’ll unlock it now

You didn’t lead me astray they’ll still be sweet. Think Emlid needs to get a heads up on this one and help a guy out

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im not a wiz with logs by any means, but i checked some basic stuff, baro, vibes, mag, they all looked normal to me.

were you running the same arducopter version on the pix and navio? what version of arducopter are you using?