Motor choppiness

Pretty sure it was 3.3.3 in pixhawk. 3,4rc1 navio

I would roll back to 3.3.3 on the navio and see if you get the same problem. If it resolves the problem post a message in the 3.4 thread so the emlid guys know to look into it.

I’m still running 3.3.3 until the issues are resolved myself…

Wtheck? Thought the firmware was as follows: 3.3.2 , 3.4 unstable, 3.4rc1. I was unaware you could put regular arducopter firmware in the Navio. This whole time I was thinking this firmware was for Navio only and pixhawk only not swappable… Dang I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

AFAIK, navio is now supported in ardupilot master and you can build / compile navio from master for a while now.

I’m still on navio+ , but i believe the same applies for navio2, when I was in there looking at the code, I saw navio2 listed…

This sounds like a overtuned PID to me. Try to lower the PID gains and fly again.

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