Motor and Battery Setup for a Scanner/Cinematic Drone


i am planning a Quadcopter which i will use to do Aerial Shots and Scan Land, i would like it to have smooth Flying abylity but also to be able to do impressive moves in the air for good fotage.

Planning on a F450 Frame so i have space for the Gimbal, Storage and maybe LTE Module.

For the Motors i was reading for this Quad Size it should have low kv around 1000 whit high torq for stabil flight, however most motors i find have very high kv (+2400) or are looking very outdated and have no good information about specs.

What are known and trusted brands for Motors? is there a good Kit which include matching ESC? Most info i find is about FPV Drones, with small Props up to 5 inch… i was planning to use 7-10 inch props

I would like also to run on a 6s Lipo since i understand efficiency will benefit from it on certain motor types? also unshure if the added weight will be worth it.

Can you help me with my Problems? i was taking last 4 hours to find out but can find not much info for my special case

Thanks and have a nice day!

Hi @Ben,

We have a post about 450mm quad assembling on this community forum. There is a list of all components as well. It was written for Navio+, however, it’s also relatable to Navio2.

If you doubt about battery size that you need, you can check its characteristics with the LiPo battery calculator. For example, with this.

Regarding motors and ESCs brands, I hardly can suggest something specific. However, some of our users may have a similar experience :slightly_smiling_face:

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