Mobile data turns off

Mobil data turns off and not possible to restart!

Reach 3 shows the RS2 , but when I try to activate Mobil data, it is not possible!

ON/OFF is just grey and inactive.

During measuring today, mobildata turned it self off!

Hi Jan-Olov,

Is the SIM card defined in the status bar? Could you share the screenshot of the Mobile data tab?

Have you successfully used this SIM card with Reach RS2 before?

The simcard has worked for 1 year.

Today the Reach 3 could not find the RS2 on wifi and after a while it was steady blue light to left after a signal in the reciever!

In what order shall the RS2 and Reach3 be started!

Does that matter?

Reach should complete booting first. While Reach is booting, the LEDs above the power button are blinking one by one. Once it’s finished, you can access it in ReachView 3.

The steady blue network LED means Reach is connected to a Wi-Fi network. So your phone with ReachView 3 should be connected to the same network.

The simcard has worked for 1 year.

Please clarify whether the SIM card is defined in the status bar. The screenshot would be of great help.

So first RS2 booting and then Reach3 !

I dont understand why RS2 1m away ,not beeing selected before wifi 300m away!

Today after 80 points wih FIX mode, mobil data went off and Reach 3 waited for FIX in measure mode, but since position now was SINGLE, it never got furter ,just stuck there.

I restarted the tablet , but Reach 3 was still stucked, so I restarted the RS2 and when connnected with Reach3, mobil data was back and FIX. A little curious was that Reach 3 first showed 13 sats ,then building up the numbers slowly to 36 sats!

When RS2 got steady blue light to the left, the tablet never finds the RS2! Only 8 other wifi around here is shown. What hotspot is RS2 locking on? That is not seen in the tablet!

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It worked with Mobil data after restart of RS2!

Hi Jan-Olov,

If Reach RS2 Wi-Fi LED goes blue, it means that the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. You need to connect your tablet to the same Wi-Fi network to access Reach in ReachView 3.

As far as I got, there are no issues with Mobile data. If you have any other issues with the device, please create a separate topic for that to avoid confustion.

With RS2 left steady blue light, how to know what wifi network it connected to?

The Reach 3 in the tablet, must find the RS2 ,to start working!

Hi Jan-Olov,

Reach is automatically connected to one of the saved Wi-Fi networks. So, it’s most likely your home/office Wi-Fi or your phone’s hotspot you’ve added previously.

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