RS2 SIM-card issue

I’ve had the same trouble. the ISM card has worked with mobile data for 2 months but now it shows no SIM. And can’t get mobile data. I’ve turned on/off multiple times.

Hi, mine is the same. I’m in Australia and it seemed that the rs2 won’t recognise Telstra SIM cards, up till now I have been using another carrier, until yesterday. I have 2 rs2 and both won’t register the sim using the reachview3 app. Strangely enough reachconnect (now not available by the looks of it) and ReachView 2 both recognise the sim as being active, BUT, it still won’t connect to the net. Under the wifi menu, the mobile data tab is locked in the off position, I believe this option needs to be turned on to work. Please help! I have to units just sitting there not working and I’ve got work to do!

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Hi guys,

Please share the Full system reports from your units at I’ll check if the SIM card is recognized by Reach and if there are any error messages.

Full system reports may contain sensitive info. That’s why I don’t recommend posting it here.

Hi there, thank you for your reply. I have got the units working. It seems some SIM cards (I have tried multiple) seem to function fine without having to manually input the the carriers APN. Telstra is the main carrier in Australia as they control the most coverage. Their SIM cards require the Telstra.internet to be in the APN. After this it worked flawlessly.
Great to have them working again.

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Hi Peter,

Some operators indeed require APN to provide an Internet connection. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear your Reach works fine now.

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