RS2 SIM-card issue

I’ve had the same trouble. the ISM card has worked with mobile data for 2 months but now it shows no SIM. And can’t get mobile data. I’ve turned on/off multiple times.

Hi, mine is the same. I’m in Australia and it seemed that the rs2 won’t recognise Telstra SIM cards, up till now I have been using another carrier, until yesterday. I have 2 rs2 and both won’t register the sim using the reachview3 app. Strangely enough reachconnect (now not available by the looks of it) and ReachView 2 both recognise the sim as being active, BUT, it still won’t connect to the net. Under the wifi menu, the mobile data tab is locked in the off position, I believe this option needs to be turned on to work. Please help! I have to units just sitting there not working and I’ve got work to do!

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