Mobile Data issue - Cricket / ATT Networks


Trying to get corrections through NTRIP. We have some wifi hotspots available and works with no issues. However, we are expanding our RS2 units and feel like it would be useful to get corrections with a sim card instead. Was wondering if you could help me get some direction.

I want to try using the cricket/att networks because we could get a good deal with an unlimited internet plan.

All I am getting so far is 3G. Upon applying the VRS credentials, I get a “fail to connect” error and won’t list the mount points.

I have not gotten any technical assistance from the provider, but I have tried multiple APN names that won’t help solve the issue. Never tried the sim on the RS2, kind of why I am reaching out to you. Also, to be able to broadcast the wifi the signal of the sim with the RS2

Let me know,

Just throwing this out there but is dedicating a line of service just to the RS2 the best method. You know your scenario better than I do but I got tired of paying and managing line of service for my rover data collector, RS2’s, drone iPad and different drone RTK corrections so I now just use 1 hotspot or them all.


Yes, I agree. We’re a small firm. 2 RTN subscriptions @ $600/year = $1200. 00/year.

2 ATT data subscriptions @ $60/month = $120/month = $1440.00/year. In this area, ATT service is very dependable.

Total = $2640.00/year for GNSS RTN services.

I don’t mind paying for this as it’s absorbed in our clients/projects cost, but I’m like Michael, at some point you need to start looking at the simplicity of a hotspot.

The two ATT data plans (sim cards) are for our Javad machines only. The receivers/controllers need a dedicated sim card for the updates (whether used or not), RTN access and for RAMS (Remote Assistance and Monitoring Service), which is a cool feature in itself. You can use a hotspot for the Javads, but it’s not very convenient. If I’m using the RS2, I’m using the hotspot in my phone/tablet.


Also, do a data test. You will find that using NTRIP takes up very little data. I use it all the time with my phone in hotspot mode and never go over my 4 gig limit. I should note, I am not a teenager that surfs the net on my phone all the time or listens to online music sources. My only other data is email, Google maps and a little browsing.

As Chasco said, one hotspot for all works very nice. I feed my RS2 and Android tablet (data collector) from my phone.


Hi @avelez,

Is it right that you can connect to the NTRIP via a mobile hotspot with the same credentials?

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