(Mission Planner)It will not become an armed

I built it using “Building ArduPilot using Waf build system”.
I connected to missionplanner.

sudo ./ardupilot/build/navio2/bin/arducopter -A udp:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2. (intern: 2)
MS5611 found on bus 1 address 0x77
MPU: temp reset IMU[0] 5881 3632

I finished the calibration, but the LED of Navio 2 is blinking yellow and it can not be armed.
I do not know the cause, please help me.

Hi @kassy3333,

Please describe your issue more precisely.
May I ask you to list all calibrations you’ve gone through? It’d be great if you’ll share the screenshots as well.

Is there anything else you need?

Even if these settings are made, it is “Double flashing yellow”.


Radio calibration is not complete. You need to calibrate all channels (see msg on last screen copy).


Thank you.
Succeeded “armed”.

What does “no io thread heartbeat (fsync)” mean?

Hi @kassy3333,

It means that recording to the log file hasn’t finished for a required time period.

Thank you very much.
Are there any problems with this message?

I fixed the throttle to 20% and rotated the motor like a picture of a quad rotor.
However, the throttle is not changed, but the output of the motor rises independently.

Flight mode is “Stabilize”.

I do not know the cause, please help me

Hi @kassy3333,

Have you calibrated ESCs?
Please make sure you’ve disconnected props before calibration.

It’s more likely that log recording stops after this message.

All motors rotate at the same time.
However, even if the throttle is fixed at 20% and rotated, the output automatically increases.

Hi @kassy3333,

Please make sure you’ve connected motors in proper order.

May I ask you to share a video of this behavior?

The motor is connected properly.

Although it may be hard to understand, it is 76rps → 107rps.


Thanks for the video!

Which ESCs do you use? Is it possible for you to test with other ESCs to understand if the issue remains?