Missing UBX file on RS2 Rover

After running an RS2 as a rover for about 4 hours, the log was manually stopped. We were intending to process in PPK. When we tried to download the UBX file later on, the UBX file was missing. Is it possible that if the RS2 is shut down during the compression phase of the UBX file then it is then lost? Is there someway to recover this file possibly so we don’t have to go back out in to the field?

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I had some similar issues recently. What Reach firmware are you running? I went back from 29.1 to 28.4 and it is working now.

Hi Juel,

I’d back up Michael with it. Can you please specify the firmware version you’re working with? Important to understand before we dive in further with the troubleshooting.

Also, please, generate the Full System Report on your device. We’ll check if the log was recorded at all. Please share it with me via the PM so that we don’t spill some sensitive info from your receiver.

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