Issue with logs recording on 29 Beta 1

I’ve got an RS2 and an M2 both on FW 29 beta 1 and both are losing logs. Once on the RS2 and twice on the M2. I have them set to Rinex 3.03 w/ auto-start and verified that both logs were running before the flight. I made the mistake of not downloading and sending them before I left and when I turned them back on at my house no logs were there but it had started a new session.

Hi Michael, have you tried to ssh into the units and see if the log files are in the logs folder? I remember having this problem on an older FW version and you could still recover the logs via ssh.

That would be amazing. I have never done it so do you have a resource or another thread it was covered on?

Okay, I was able to get to it with FileZilla but do not know the username and password. It’s port 22 right?


I figured out the user:password and there are ZIP files from both failures but they are both empty. Whereas there is a log building from the auto-start having just turned on the receiver. I’ll reboot and see if the log persists.


I’m taking this the support ticket route. There’s something not right. Now the entries for the logs show up in Reachview but they are empty as seen in ssh… and of course the last log persisted. I guess I dare go into the field again. :roll_eyes:



Excellent. That’s actually one I used to get me in. The username and password has changed since then but the process is the same. Filezilla is definitely the way to go.

Glad you got in via ssh. Bummer the files are empty. We’re you recording both Rinex and UBX and they were both empty? What about other logs like llh and RTCM? Also empty?

I was only recording Rinex on the flight I was looking for but after that fact found the option to record UBX as well and have turned it on. Now I’m just waiting for the wind to die down so I can go hit it again.

WTF?! Still losing logs on the M2. The RS2 logs remained. I did the same settings with rinex 3.03, verified that logs were running before taking off. Completed the mission, went to download the log and it was not there. Restarted and still nothing. Connected via sftp and the files were there but empty.


We’ll check with the devs about what’s going with the logging. Please, share the FSR from this Reach M2. Currently, it’s better to roll back to the stable version of the firmware to ensure the logs will be recorded fine. You can do it in ReachView 3 without reflashing.

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