Missing triggers on M2

@olga.utiugova happy for your great work. What about missing geo location.

Hi @mohanbabi16 ! Do you mean missing distance to the point? We’re fixing it right now and doing our best to make it work as soon as possible.


@olga.utiugova thank you for reply. Any estimation days to resolve this issues.
Thank you

We’ve already fixed this. Please update your app. The stakeout should work properly.


@olga.utiugova I am talking about this Drone data capturing M2 missing triggers in flight

Thank you

Hi @mohanbabi16,

I just wanted to note that the most common reason for the missing time marks is the hardware setup difficulties. That’s why your setup is the first thing to check if this happened to your flight.

We don’t have any firmware issues with logging the time marks. We’re ready to look closely into your case if you have experienced the loss of the time marks. What we need to check:

  • the firmware version of your M2
  • the raw data logs recorded during the flight on both M2 and your base
  • the number of photos taken
  • the photos of the hardware setup, specifically the connection between the Reach and the camera

Please share the data with us, and we’ll investigate it.

@polina.buriak Please find data Drone data capturing M2 missing triggers in flight

Oh, I can see that my colleague Kirill has already checked the data in the thread. It looks like the main issue there was the interference of the signal in the setup.

If you have changed the setup according to the recommendations but the issue is still present, please reach out to us in that thread with new photos of the setup and the raw data. We’ll investigate and solve it.


Thank you @polina.buriak

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