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I’m missing quite a bit of data while walking with a Reach M+. I’ve tried multiple Reach M+ units and get similar results. Any ideas why?


Files: obs files.zip (798.0 KB)

Could you describe how your reach gear is set up. Also a full system report.
Both rover and base share the same pattern.

Hi Brian,

Great to see you again on the forum!

As @TB_RTK mentioned, we’ll need system reports. Also, we’ll need UBX logs, not OBS.

Hi TB and Dmitriy,

Thanks for the reply. I need to do more testing, but I believe it may be caused by using the on-board RINEX converter vs converting the UBX files to RINEX using RTKLIB_convert on a PC.

I’m using two Reach M+ modules with the stock Tallysman antennas. They are powered by USB. I set one on a mailbox and walked with another.

I think you will find this interesting. The screenshots show the difference between using the RINEX files created on the Reach vs converting the UBX files to RINEX using RTKLIB-CONVERT.

Reach log test.zip (6.3 MB)

Reach RINEX coversion



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Hi @Brian_Christal,

Thank you for reporting the issue, we will look into it!

Hi @Brian_Christal,

I’m here just to keep you updated that we’re looking into the issue.

At the moment I’d recommend writing logs in .UBX format.



I am currently looking into this problem and find it very interesting. Have not been able to reproduce this, though. Do you still experience this? Was it a one time thing? Is there anything unusual about your setup?

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