Missing events in pos file

Hello! We are faced with a similar problems. After processing UBX files in the file events.pos have missing data.

Hi @skatu,

  1. What ReachView version do you have?
  2. What GNSS and frequency settings do you use?

Hello, Andrew!

  1. The ReachView version is 2.14.0
  2. GNSS - all enabled, 5Hz frequency

P.S. Language of communication-English only? Russian maybe?

There is no mention about Galileo @5Hz in docs :


But they are already reply by email to another user. Wiki is not up to date :-/


So 5Hz with your configuration is normal behaviour to lose events … And sorry I don’t speak russian !

This is not normal behavior. These settings are the default after the first firmware. And at factory settings the receiver works with data loss. That’s not normal at all. A quality product shouldn’t work like that. How do we fill in the missing data now? Several flights were performed and we were counting on your product. He failed us.



In our docs, we’ve listed well-tested configurations for logging time marks. You can use one of them in the future:

I am afraid there’s no way to recover missed timemarks in the current version of ReachView.

Probably not related to the missing events issue, but, my latest flight failed to record large amount of epochs when logging to RINEX version 3.03 file. Converted the UBX file to RINEX 3.03 and all epochs were present. 10Hz, GPS only, Reach M+ on latest firmware.

about 160,300 lines of observations from converted UBX file vs about 132,900 lines when configured to log to RINEX 3.03.


This was fixed with the latest v2.16


We have been testing for the last two weeks now with different settings and we on all our flights have missing events. I’m getting desperate to get this working as I never thought we would be struggling like this to get the images and events on par.

Surely we reading your settings wrong in your documentation, we even went out today and only ran GPS on 14Hz and still had 20 missing events.

Last week we flew with everything set to 1Hz as the docs said and still we had missing events.

Hi Stanley,

Please post the photos of your hardware setup (so we can see how Reach is connected with your camera).


I am working with Stanley. Please see the wiring

We made a DIY hotshoe with the center pin (positive) connected to the green cable (Time Mark) and the body (ground) connected the the black wire

Could be a hot shoe issue : Watch video here =>
Hot shoe integration

@Sylvain_POULAIN if I use GPS on 14Hz will this mean that I wont have any missing events if all my hardware is working 100%

@Sylvain_POULAIN I watched that ideo and did exactly that.

When my system is on the workbench I sometimes find that I have the same amount of events as images, as soon as I fly a mission I will have missing events

Hi Guys,

We found the problem. We updated the firmware to the latest version and it fixed our missing events. We did 4 missions with success on all of them.


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