Meet the Emlid Flow app with the linework, coding, and more

Hi Aaron,

Thank you a lot for such detailed feedback, this means tons to us! Our devs would love to ask you some questions about it if it’s okay. Would you mind sharing your email with me in PM so that we can get in touch?


Same issue for me, I can’t see a little R letter displaying rover position of rover

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Ahh the paid help has arrived.

Colleagues, be careful what you wish for, possibly EMLID will put a price on it.

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A cup of coffee at the gas station where I am is north of $2.50!!! At some point we all need to eat! We all need to build something successful! It is great to be able to help build something. It is great to see people thrive! It would be neat to have an option for a one time purchase without maintenance. Hopefully Emlid will place some grease on the wheels that are squeaking, and continue to grow, and be committed to this venture as they have been!


I haven’t seen any wheels on long enough to need greasing. I still don’t think people quite understand the way this software works. What do you expect when they release a new feature? Do you expect to get it automatically or pay another one time fee?

Yea haha. People crack me up. Things that have value are usually not free! Emlid gives away the majority of functionality for free as it is in Flow. Also, their receivers are by far the lowest cost on the market. For those complaining about price, go somewhere else or shut your mouth!

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It’s mentally like this that is just so horrible for consumers.

Do you like paying for something and it not actually being yours? You are leasing the unit when you have too pay a subscription fee to use the hardware.

Consumers being so complacent is what allows companies to push this.

Car manufacturers are wanting to do subscription fees for hardware (that you paid for) to work. (Bmws heated seats come to mind). A new report came out saying gmc it’s going to require OnStar with all new vehicles. What did that even mean? Is your car not going to work anymore if you don’t pay for OnStar? John Deere tractors are doing something very similar…

This type of payment scheme inflates profits for companies because you still have to buy the hardware and if you want it to keep working the way you have come to expect you have to pay a monthly fee.

“They are just wanting to earn a profit off their hard work”. It used to be that you owned your equipment and didn’t pay a subscription and somehow these companies still survived. No it’s not about these companies wanting to earn a price for the work they put in, they want to have MORE for the work they put in.

Is that wrong for a business? No, that’s any business’ goal to make as much as possible with doing as little as possible.

The only thing that keeps the system in check are consumers. And seeing other consumers (fan boys) fight for a system that is counter to their own benefits is just sad.

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IMO the subscription has nothing to do with the hardware. You are free to use whatever software you want so if you don’t like it don’t play the game. Do you pay for electricity in a home you own? If not your house doesn’t work properly.


Remind us again what functionality you have lost in the app by not subscribing?


Hows that , we have almost 35 pieces of late model Deere equipment ,and are not paying any subscription, JDlink is standard now with no subscription

Maybe they’re thinking of the GNSS system? Each manufacture has their own remote analysis and data management platforms. Topcon is Sitelink.


The only subscription you need is if you go with RTK
but on the 6" pass to pass no subscription required

So to use the system and equipment and still have gps anybody can use , but to get better results yes a subscription is required. Same as here

With Topcon to have Sitelink you have to have a data connection regardless of whether or not you are using NTRIP. So that’s 2 or 3 additional items.

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