Difficulties with getting fix

I’ve had issues obtaining a fix or at least the software reporting a fix ever since 30 beta 3 and flow360. Shouldn’t it be fixing with these stats?

And now I’ve got to fix with stats that I consider out of tolerance…

Yeah, weird that the precision went down with a FIX solution. I just put my + outside. (on 30b.3). We are surrounded by 100’ trees, but will usually obtain FIX in most cases. Baseline is ~15km.

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I drove around a little bit and got the residuals down below a 10th of a foot, shot a point then walked it off and restaked it and this is what I got. You can see the residuals at the bottom are fine but something’s wrong. I’m going to do a complete reset and if that doesn’t work go back to stable firmware. I’m on network NTRIP as well.

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If I had to guess, I suspect that the indicator (FIX, FLOAT) is not accurate all the time. In other words, there is too much latency in the readout?

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I have seen in the past where one device would stay float but my iPad would report a fix. Twice in how many years it’s hardly worth mentioning but yes it is possible. I did a factory reset and as soon as I turned on NTRIP it fixed within 5-10 seconds. All good right… Well I set two points about 2000ft apart, checked into one about 1000ft north of those and another check about 1000ft north of that. One checkshot was 0.21ft off which is within tolerance when you take into account the offset from network to ground benchmarks. Unfortunately the 2nd check was of 0.39ft, becoming more worrisome. The nail in the coffin is that when I checked back into the first two points I set Z was off 0.25ft and 0.41ft. I just shot them in and the ground benchmarking does not apply so now I’ve got a problem and it looks like I will be testing during Christmas break so I can be ready to fly this job as soon as I get back.

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Hi Michael, Dave,

Any chance you have the raw data, solution, and RTCM3 log sets from the surveys where you faced such an issue? We’d like to look into them and investigate.

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I just set up real quick using the same factors as Michael.
RS2+ on v.30b3 with current Flow. I think operation was normal in my check.


I’ve backed all the way down to stable firmware at this point and am still having trouble getting a fix when the tolerances are met.

I’ve tried it on both the pixel and an iPad. At this point it’s got to be network despite the fact that my network test are showing 5 to 10 megabit up and down with latency below 50. Maybe I should return to the VRS factor?

Hi Michael,

VRS can be indeed a reason, however, it’s really hard to say anything certain until I look into the full set of logs (raw data, LLH solution, RTCM3), so I’d really appreciate it if you share them.

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