Meet the Emlid Flow app with the linework, coding, and more

Emlid is introducing new functionality and the new name of our survey app. Meet Emlid Flow—the highly upgraded ReachView 3 app featuring the new professional survey tools.

We have developed new features to simplify your work both in the field and the office. We have enhanced the Emlid Flow app functionality for fieldwork with easy-to-use linework and coding. For greater flexibility, we have also launched a cloud-based service that allows you to manage survey data from the comfort of the office. If you feel intrigued, let’s drill down to the major improvements.

New features for land surveyors

The updated app brings new options for geospatial professionals. We have developed long-awaited features to amplify your team’s productivity.


With Emlid Flow, you can now create the linework on the go. Measure and move ahead with just a few taps. Make data collection a breeze using predefined geometry types or a full-blown code library. The linework is displayed immediately, so you can always see how your project is progressing.

While staking a line using Emlid Flow visual guides, you can easily navigate to a line, and stake out a line with an offset and with a chainage.

Staking a line in Emlid Flow
Staking a line in Emlid Flow


Emlid Flow supports the coding of points and lines during collection in the field. This enables you to measure and describe objects seamlessly. Upload your custom code library or use a standard one built into Emlid Flow, which has more than a hundred codes available from the start.

Forget about typing the description for each point and line—just choose a code from a library at your fingertips. You can quickly switch between different object codes, start or continue collecting the lines, and create new codes on the go right in your survey project.

Collecting a line with Emlid Flow
Collecting a line in Emlid Flow

Satellite map view

One more new feature brings several map layers. Now you can switch between a standard map and satellite imagery.

Data management with Emlid Flow 360

Your app is synchronized with a cloud-based service Emlid Flow 360. It allows you to access and manage your survey data from the browser at

With Emlid Flow 360, you can prepare for the fieldwork from the comfort of your office—create a project, configure the coordinate system, choose a code library or upload a new one, or just import all the necessary data. It is immediately available inside the Emlid Flow app. No need to check if the latest version is on the collector because it syncs automatically for each linked project.

Custom code library in Emlid Flow 360
Custom code library in Emlid Flow 360

When the fieldwork is done, forget about manually transferring files from controllers—just log in at Emlid Flow 360, and all your field data is safely backed up here. The app can work offline and synchronize data to Emlid Flow 360 as soon as your phone is back online. From the cloud service, you can export or import projects in DXFs, Shapefiles, and flexible CSVs just like in Emlid Flow.

Data import in Emlid Flow 360
Data import in Emlid Flow 360

Subscribe to enable new features

All the features previously available in the ReachView 3 app moved to Emlid Flow and remain free with the Standard subscription plan. As before, Emlid Flow enables you to configure Reach receivers, collect and stake out points, export and import data in CSV, DXF, and Shapefile formats. The free Standard plan also includes the core features of Emlid Flow 360—sync with the app, project creation, and data export and import.

We will continue delivering updates available for free so that you can easily handle the fieldwork with the Emlid Flow app and keep your data in sync with Emlid Flow 360.

To access new features, subscribe to the Survey plan—it brings linework and coding with more innovations on the horizon. A single subscription works across both Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360. The Survey plan at a special price of $240/year, when billed yearly, is available in Emlid Flow 360. A monthly subscription comes for $25/month and is available for purchase in Emlid Flow 360, App Store, and Google Play. Local taxes may apply.

Existing installations of ReachView 3 will automatically update to Emlid Flow with the Standard subscription plan. In case you disabled automatic updates on your device, you can manually update the app in Google Play or App Store.

If you want to try the new Emlid Flow features, subscribe and get the free 30-day trial of the Survey plan. You can cancel your subscription anytime and get back to a Standard plan free of charge.

Start a free trial


How are you?

Ok, does this APP replace the RV3? Correct?
How are the features of RV3?

Does Emlid Flow360 still work?

Does the free version still have the features of RV3 and the Cloud?

In the first analysis, I saw that only line creation and staking were included, in addition to code creation.

$25/month for the annual plan or $45/month for the monthly plan doesn’t seem like a high amount for those who earn in Dollars.
But for us Brazilians, this is multiplied by 5x, so it equals 125 or 225, which makes it a little expensive.

Remembering that Emlid reaches a global market and has been very successful due to its cost benefit and quality delivered.


Hi Mauricio, I was about to say the same thing. It really looks good, but for us brazilians is a little bit pricey.


We receive in BRL not in USD.
Which divides our purchasing power by 5.

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Hi Mauricio,

Emlid Flow has two plans: Standard and Survey. The Standard plan is free, and it contains all the features to which you are accustomed in ReachView 3. The same for Emlid Flow 360: all features you used in Emlid Cloud are available under the Standard plan.

The Survey plan currently includes linework, codes, and satellite maps. But more features are on the way. And with a subscription, you’ll have access to all future updates without additional charges.


I’m running some tests here, I can only stake out a line if I use the code LINE from the Emlid Library when collecting points? If I collect a point using the GENERIC POINT type, is it possible to create a line using two Generic Points?

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For now, it’s not possible to change the feature type, for example, to make a line from points. But sounds handy, I’ll note it.

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It is real?. I need to pay if I want to stakelines, a basic function.

To stake out lines I use the nuwa app which is free.

So it sounds illogical that I as an emlid user, have to decide between using nuwa (tersus) for free or paid reachview (emlid) to stakeout lines.

I understand that the paid app includes other functions intended for the use of the cloud, which implies the use of servers, technical personnel, etc.

I propose that there is a third option that includes linework functions for a single payment.


Congratulations on the new product.

How does the cloud link work with third parties? As your aware PPK requires a lot of third party data processing, so is cloud just a repository?

Is cloud intended to allow for client access, so flow is a centralize data management platform?

Is there an SLA (service level agreement) in place?

What not create a separate “enterprise” app and leave RV3 as a standalone solution?

I’m positive your team debated this move in more ways than I can think of, and I understand the goal is MRR.

Again, congratulations and looking forward to seeing how others interact and share amazing uses for this!

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Thanks, Charlie!

Emlid Flow 360 (previously known as Emlid Cloud) is not about post-processing, but mostly about preparing the projects and gathering ready ones.

For example, you can create a project in Emlid Flow 360, choose a coordinate system, import some data there, and add codes library. So that in the field, your team or you won’t bother about that. And of course, you can download projects from Emlid Flow 360.

So, it works with Reach devices only via Emlid Account.

Which one do you expect?

Hard to explain the whole logical chain here. But these would be two different apps repeating each other features. Not all of them, of course, but still. I personally see it quite misleading.


Let’s go! I have my two champion field testers being setup on cloud but will transfer them over to Flow 360 asap. Spasibo!


Que vergonha Emlid…cobrar pelo próprio aplicativo…
Libera pelo menos a locação de linhas…todos nos usuários dos gps emlid tem adquirido um app pago para locar linhas…perderão a chance.

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I don’t understand why new changes can’t be made free of charge. How will we advertise to people to use Emlid? When you make us pay for google satellite map when other companies offer us applications at reasonable prices such as:

  1. Survey Master - Free
  2. Nuwa - Free
  3. Surpad 4.0 - $300 permanent license
  4. LandStar7 - $400 permanent license

I don’t know if you think you have more customers who use Emlidi GPS.


As Emlid users, we should have more support from Company. We have paid enough for other apps to use Lines and other things that Reachview3 doesn’t have.


Looks good! I’ve been looking forward to the addition of codes for a while. However, it is somewhat disappointing that features such as linework (which have been suggested by community users for a long time) are locked behind a paywall.

One issue I’ve noticed already is that the CSV export option no longer includes the height datum in the ‘CS Name’ column.

A project that I exported yesterday from RV3 has “GDA2020 / MGA zone 56 + AHD Height” but when I exported the same project from Flow 360 this morning it contains only “GDA2020 / MGA zone 56”.

This wouldn’t be an issue if the height datum was included in the ‘Elevation’ column header but it is not.

Cost of development? Cost of future development? Salaries, marketing, infrastructure?

Made by ComNav Teh - Cost of the app contained in much higher GNSS Receiver costs

Made by Tersus - Cost of the app contained in much higher GNSS Receiver costs

Made by esurvey - Cost of the app kept in check by much higher GNSS Receiver costs

Made by CHCnav - Cost of the app kept in check by much higher GNSS Receiver costs

You can already buy several Emlid receivers for the price of just 1 receiver of the above brands. That value proposition hasn’t changed with the introduction of an optional paid add-on in Emlid Flow.


is Nuwa for android Free? could You give us the link on Playstore?


It seems that we missed a side effect while updating our internal engine. Can you please specify the mobile platform you are using? Android or iOS?

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It was the export from Flow 360 that was missing the height datum but for what its worth, I used the android version of RV3 yesterday that worked fine.