Meet the Emlid Flow app with the linework, coding, and more

Really nice, but very disappointed at the cost and won’t be using the service
you say in your announcement $25usd ($36aud) / per month billed annually or $45usd($65aud) /per month billed monthly , well when you take up the trial it just goes straight to $70 per month in Australia. which is more than the advertised price and no other pricing options. All for the right to have linework and a sat image. really not enough bang for my buck…


I think the value proposition has been seriously over estimated. For $70 AUD/Month I can get a fully featured and mature software package like 12D.

Hope that Emlid reconsider their prices and offer their loyal customers a lot more reasonable and flexible pricing options.


Yeah I know what price have other gnss, but emlid works well with their application. And if you think the cost of development, why we don’t pay 300$ for permanent access in this update. Why we need to pay 25$ for month if you calculate 1 year 25x12=300 and for 3 years we must pay 900$.


I have to disagree with you on some points.
Here in Brazil, some brands, such as CHC, Hi Target, ComNav and others arrive with a price similar to the Emlid but with a complete data collector and collection software.


Let me help you out a bit here. “Made by someone other than Emlid and the cost of the software is hidden in the cost of the hardware.” Actually Topcon only charges $1785 for a password…


The updates in the apk are looking good. But in India the cost in Rs 1999 per month. Which I feel are high. And while using the app without the paid updates, the location of base and rover are not showing on the app.
Please keep 2 different versions of the app. As the previous version was working good.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to say a couple of things about pricing. The yearly subscription comes with a big discount (compared to mobile stores) and will cost $25 per month. It’s available via Emlid Flow 360 only.

All features that were in ReachView 3 are preserved in the Standard plan now, which will stay free forever.

But we have a development roadmap for the Survey plan and more features will be added. And the subscription will give you access to the updates as well.

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Hi Rohit,

I’ve just checked, and they are displayed fine for me. What solution statuses are on your base and rover?

Totally acceptable cost for my team. All software is pretty much in subscription model. As a matter of fact with many softwares I had to search specifically for perpetual versions. IME this is due to the fact that many softwares provide annual "maintenance and updates (versions) whereas applications like this are living creatures and have continuous engineering being performed. Just look at the history and innovation over the last 2 years (even just a year) and you should realize the difference. If you weren’t here pre-RV3 then it would be hard to understand.

@svetlana.nikolenko We use one account to manage our maps but with the eventual addition of each excavation superintendent I assume they will each need to have a license? So 10(25x12) = $3k/year? Enterprise options?

The rover was in fix. And connected to the base via lora. Had to click on measure to know of the location of the rover. Then closed the app and again started it and both the symbols were visible.
After a while in the survey the base symbol again disappeared.

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The subscription is linked to the mobile phone, so yes, you need separate ones. But I remember we discussed enterprise options with you in another thread. And as I said there, we agree it would be very beneficial. So, we’re thinking about that too.

Do you have Android or iOS? And which Reach models?

I can’t say for certain. Ideally I would like it to be iPads and RX’s but I have a feeling it is going to be a mix with RS2+'s. One because some might need the additional functionality but also to have their own base if data service isn’t sufficient or available. We can probably have a couple of RS2+ bases on hand for checkout since each individual doesn’t need one all the time.

No that’s not for us, if we pay 3 year’s it’s costs 900$ that’s to much for some tools. I disagree with this situation. How can I explain this to my friends to be a new client of Emlid?

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I use Android device, (Motorola G60) with Android version 12.
The dgps is Reach RS2 for both base and rover.

Hi there,

Any plans for a one-time purchase option?
If I rent software, I feel spotified. :dizzy_face:




There’s nothing wrong with it not being the right tool for you. IDK the size of your operation but there’s no comparable solution when you look at it in the sense as Trimble and others sell their platform. In our use case we look at the software as the solution and catalyst for buying receivers. Without losing any of the required functionality we will be saving $10-11K per receiver/3-years with only a $2k/yr addition to the software we are still saving $2k per year but we will have a solution in place which would never happen with other gear.


I’m not a user of Trimble or TopCon, I’m a user of Emlid, so I want Emlid to grow as a company and I’m not complaining about the payment. I have also mentioned that if necessary, I will pay once, and not every month. Because this is beating Trimble’s rate even TopCon. But paying every month for several years will cost a lot.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll try to reproduce this.

Hi Buddy,

Currently, we decided to go with a subscription because usually, with a one-time purchase option, you purchase the app without the option to get further updates. It’s different with Emlid Flow: more features are on the way, and they will be available with the subscription with no additional charges.

Still, we understand that sometimes the particular feature and version might be all you need, so we will consider such a possibility in the future.