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Hi guys
In the reachview 3 app is there any other map (with more detail like open maps hybrid )


+1 for this!
The current map looks blank in rural areas when working with distances less than a few hundred metres or where the topography is unchanging.
Some sort of aerial/satellite imagery would be a massive help!


Hi guys,

These are valuable suggestions! Now there’s only 1 background map in ReachView 3, but I see that sometimes a more detailed or custom map is highly useful. Our devs know about the request, and we’ll look into the options :slight_smile:


Thanks, Kseniia…

Please! Something like OnX hybrid map would be great. Topo and terrain maps.

Why not implement the opportunity to add maps that are available online?
As an example the Danish State provides a lot of maps of the country free of charge. Those are accessible on-demand by anyone, and you basically just need a link to “install” them.

(in Danish, but google translate is your friend!)

Hi there,

Checked the OnX map. I like that there are contour lines on their maps. OpenStreetMap is mainly a city map to define where you are or build a route somewhere. The map with contour lines is more for professionals.

Christian, WMS is a good suggestion! I worked with this protocol a little bit. Indeed, a lot of maps are distributed this way. And it doesn’t look very complicated from the users’ side: all you need to know is the right link. Can’t remember similar requests, so I’ll note it.


Hello everyone,
Hello Svetlana,

I am a new user of the Reach RS2 with the ReachView3 app and would like to thank you for your good development work so far. The initial setup of the receiver including device connection, firmware update and NTRIP correction data service worked quickly and without any problems.

Nevertheless, I would like to agree with Christian and the other users in this thread in my very first posting. I also consider the ability to change the background map to be extremely desirable. Since every user has different requirements for the content and level of detail of the map for his intended use, the option to individually integrate any Web Map Service (WMS) would be a great function. I am sure that almost every user would be happy about it and that it would make their work easier.


I agree with Christian, ability to enter our own preferred WMS or REST server would be a really awesome addition. We have public orthophoto and topo layers available freely here too.


Hi guys,

Thanks for your votes for WMS! They help us see how actual it is for you. All the requests are noticed :relieved:


Hi, everyone.
WMS would be of great help.
There is some very good map material here that you could use as a background.
In our case, that would even mean that we can show our work plan, which is also available as a WMS.
That would be awesome.
Please pursue this point further.
Greetings Andre


Hi Andre,

In our case, that would even mean that we can show our work plan, which is also available as a WMS.

Sounds great, indeed. Thanks for sharing why WMS can be helpful to you. We’ll think about adding its support to future ReachView 3 versions.


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