M2 UsbtoPC

wondering if someone can shed some light on a problem.

Trying to connect my M2 usbtopc , when i goto windows settings to get the port number
i can see reach M2 other a section “other devices”

if i try to update the driver , just says it can’t find one.

anyone got any ideas?

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What are you trying to forward? What are the settings on M2?

i am using the position output USB-to-PC
setting are

but is it really the M2 thats the issue, the problem seems to be with windows wanting a driver for the M2

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Allright. I use nmea reader to test data https://actisense.com/acti_software/nmea-reader/
using windows 10 latest. Pisen cable and legacy usb (usb2, not usb 3).
Also make sure it provides enoug power if its powered from the usb

Edit: Either nmea rate works fine

Hope this helps, the driver is included with the M2 firmware flash tool.

Hi @rgillinder,

Could you please tell me whether @krisjanis’s suggestion helped you? If not, please check whether you can get Reach M2 position using the PuTTY app:

  • Choose Serial -> USB Position output in ReachView 3
  • Run PuTTY app
  • Choose Serial connection type
  • Specify COM port of Reach M2 (You can check it in Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Ports)
  • Change Speed to the same value as Baud rate in ReachView

Hi Guys,
no none of the suggestions worked , the only way i was able to get windows to actual assign the M2
a com port was too install the reach firmware flash tool. once installed , windows recognized the M2 and assigned a com port , and all started working.


Glad the firmware flash tool got it working in your case for the M2.

I have this same exact problem, but with 2 old Reach RS Edison based units.

Installing the firmware flash tool did not fix my problem. Nor the old Edison v1.2.1 driver install needed. I only get 2 com ports but via Bluetooth only… NOT USBtoPC serial com ports. Seems to be a Windows 10 driver problem for such a long time.

Cannot test the connection as suggested in the thread until a USBtoPC com port can even be created in device manager.

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Hi @timd1971,

Thanks for the report. I’ll check it and write back.

Hi @timd1971,

May I ask you to tell me the firmware version installed on your Reach RS devices?

FIRMWARE 26 is on both.

Hi @timd1971,

Thanks for the clarification!

I was able to reproduce the issue with a Reach Module, which is also Edison-based. I’ll check what might be wrong with the team and write back.

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Thank you. I knew mine weren’t the only ones that had this USB-to-PC connection problem. At least I was able to flash to firmware 26. : )

No hurry…I’ve been dealing with this for quite some time. Thanks! ; )

Hi @timd1971,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

I just wanted to let you know that we are still investigating this issue. Once there are any updates, I’ll let you know.

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