M2 UsbtoPC

wondering if someone can shed some light on a problem.

Trying to connect my M2 usbtopc , when i goto windows settings to get the port number
i can see reach M2 other a section “other devices”

if i try to update the driver , just says it can’t find one.

anyone got any ideas?

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What are you trying to forward? What are the settings on M2?

i am using the position output USB-to-PC
setting are

but is it really the M2 thats the issue, the problem seems to be with windows wanting a driver for the M2

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Allright. I use nmea reader to test data https://actisense.com/acti_software/nmea-reader/
using windows 10 latest. Pisen cable and legacy usb (usb2, not usb 3).
Also make sure it provides enoug power if its powered from the usb

Edit: Either nmea rate works fine

Hope this helps, the driver is included with the M2 firmware flash tool.

Hi @rgillinder,

Could you please tell me whether @krisjanis’s suggestion helped you? If not, please check whether you can get Reach M2 position using the PuTTY app:

  • Choose Serial -> USB Position output in ReachView 3
  • Run PuTTY app
  • Choose Serial connection type
  • Specify COM port of Reach M2 (You can check it in Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Ports)
  • Change Speed to the same value as Baud rate in ReachView

Hi Guys,
no none of the suggestions worked , the only way i was able to get windows to actual assign the M2
a com port was too install the reach firmware flash tool. once installed , windows recognized the M2 and assigned a com port , and all started working.


Glad the firmware flash tool got it working in your case for the M2.

I have this same exact problem, but with 2 old Reach RS Edison based units.

Installing the firmware flash tool did not fix my problem. Nor the old Edison v1.2.1 driver install needed. I only get 2 com ports but via Bluetooth only… NOT USBtoPC serial com ports. Seems to be a Windows 10 driver problem for such a long time.

Cannot test the connection as suggested in the thread until a USBtoPC com port can even be created in device manager.

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Hi @timd1971,

Thanks for the report. I’ll check it and write back.

Hi @timd1971,

May I ask you to tell me the firmware version installed on your Reach RS devices?

FIRMWARE 26 is on both.

Hi @timd1971,

Thanks for the clarification!

I was able to reproduce the issue with a Reach Module, which is also Edison-based. I’ll check what might be wrong with the team and write back.

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Thank you. I knew mine weren’t the only ones that had this USB-to-PC connection problem. At least I was able to flash to firmware 26. : )

No hurry…I’ve been dealing with this for quite some time. Thanks! ; )

Hi @timd1971,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

I just wanted to let you know that we are still investigating this issue. Once there are any updates, I’ll let you know.

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Hi everyone,

The new version of Flasher should resolve the issue with the COM ports assignment. The tool will install the necessary drivers for it. Please update your current version or install the tool from scratch from our guide.


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