M2 rs232

So I’m running an M2 into an INS. Currently the INS is setup to receive via rs232 vs ttl. Is there a way to have the uart output as rs232 vs ttl?

something like this will do it.

Yeah I bought this but had hoped maybe it was available software side.

NOYITO TTL to RS232 Module TTL RS232 Mutual Conversion Module Serial Level Conversion to SP232 for MCU, ARM, FPGA, Arduino, etc. TTL Serial Port communicates with RS232 Level Device https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BJJ3TZR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_V7toFbM6KW8CE

They might be able to do it but, I would assume it would be a feature request. I doubt it would happen overnight.

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M2 to Rs 232

Here is a step by step from the precision ag enthusiasts.

It has to be done with hardware as ttl and 232 have vastly different voltages. The packet structure is basically the same idea.


The RS2 does have a serial port but is is a 9 pin Lemo connector. I have used it to port the RS2 into a Trimble monitor as a 3rd party GPS.

Thanks. I need it on the M2 side.

Hi Seth,

In the meantime, using RS232 to TTL converter is the only way to work in such a case.

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