M2 AND LORA for surveying task

Good morning… Any experiences using M2 AND LORA for ground surveys… Using both as rover and base?

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That’ll work just fine :slight_smile:

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Hi @geoarauco,

There should be no issues with such a setup. You can follow the instructions from the Base and Rover setup guide for configuration.

Let me add that we usually recommend working with Reach RS2 for point collection. It might be tricky to introduce Reach M2 for this task as it requires additional external components (GNSS antenna, LoRa module, power source) and doesn’t have any special mounting beds for a survey pole.

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“in times on need…Necessity is the mother of invention”


Although we have all Javad gear here, I’ve got two M2’s I use for static using the HXCGPS500_NONE antenna. It’s in the NGS antenna database. Great receivers, just used them with our Javad receivers (4) in a 20 point network.

Make sure also you have adequate power supply, 5v 2 amp supply, mine will last at least 2 days for 4-6 hour observation.

all set for RTK! …2 LORA radio included!

Is, a bet…nobody knows exactly what it will be as final result so…will work on it!

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You might want to view David Hess’s post’s on the M2’s

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