M+ Firmware downgrade - skip first update


Forgive me if this topic has been done already but I’m needing to get through this soon.

I have updated my reach M+ to FW 2.22 and am now getting bad satellite tracking issues which were not present in the previous version I was on, which was FW 2.18. I’ve reflashed FW 2.18 back on to the unit so I can test fly again, but can’t get past the requirement for the ReachView update before I reboot and go to the app. Please help me get past this so I can fly with 2.18 again as a test.


ok, thanks for the reply info1.

Hey there,

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In regards to satellite performance on v2.22, could you elaborate on the issue you observe? Do you have bad SNR?

Hello Dmitriy,

GAL and BDS are losing lock completely for short periods and are very choppy. I am continuing to troubleshoot. I will do antenna swaps soon. I wanted to try 2.18 again to eliminate that as a problem.

2 flights before update:

2 flights after update:

Thank you for the report. Just to make sure, is it a v2.22.2?


I think I’m experiencing a very similar/the same problem. Details here: M+/LORA radio link randomly dropping out

I have same issue…and want to downgrade to 2.18

Hey there,

We’re now working on the solution for the issue and hope to release the fix shortly. In the meantime, we’d appreciate if you share the following data from your receivers recorded when the issue occurred:

  • raw data logs
  • base correction logs
  • position logs

This guide explains how to get the data.

This info can give us a better understanding of the issue’s nature and would help to deliver the fix as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Hey there,

We’ve pushed the v2.22.4 stable firmware update lately. This update should resolve the issues described in this thread.

If by any chance it doesn’t help, please don’t hesitate to create a new thread with all the data I mentioned above and detailed issue description.