Lost connection rechview

Version 2.22.4 in many aspects is working very well except that the connection to rechview is lost and forces me to close and restart rechview. The ntrip and lora connection are excellent. The only thing that worries me a lot is the connection period.

Hi Luis,

Do you observe this with RS+ or RS2? What mobile device you use?

Did you experience this with previous ReachView versions?

Hello Dimitriy, I am using xiaomi redmi 8 on an RS2, before I used a samsung A7 and I also lost the connection but on fewer occasions with Xiaomi. I always had some connection loss either with iphone Samsung and now Xiaomi

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Hi Luis,

Could you please send me the Full System report in PM from the device?

Is there a SIM card inside the Reach device when this happens? Is Reach broadcasting a hotspot?

Hi Tatiana, if I have a sim card in the device. I already send the system reports by PM

Hi Luis,

I’ve checked the report.

May I ask you to update the rover to the v2.23.6 dev release and check if it resolves the issue? In the dev release, we have a fix for the issue with unstable hotspot connection occurring when the SIM card is inserted into the Reach device.

Dev releases are mostly needed for testing purposes, however, I assume it might resolve your difficulties.

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Thanks Tatiana, as soon as I can do a test with the dev version.

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