Loss of Mbps signal strength that goes from 72 Mbps to 5Mbps resulting in IP address loss

image when connecting the equipment:

The respective flash was made to version 2.16 stable and the equipment still persists in the signal loss loss error, Not allowing to connect with the reachviwer app.

The two base and rover receivers were acquired at the same time.

Reflash image version 2.16

Base image lit after reflash

Evidence of loss of signal strength and base IP address

Hi @hellen_vasquez,

Could you please describe what happens after you hit the “connect” button? Does the Wi-Fi connection drop?

Exactly, after pressing connect, the wifi connection goes down


Have you tried to connect using another phone or laptop?

I have used several computer, telephone, tablet. and the problem persists.

It has been treated with four telephones, but the connection does not result.
it restarted manually and does not generate wifi access point

emlid, you should have remote assistance; and so the cases like mine would be resolved as soon as possible, since in Colombia there is no technical support from the company

Hi @hellen_vasquez,

I’ve just answered to you over e-mail.

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