LoRA Rs2 antenna in Rs-Rs +

Some time ago I read a comment that mentions that the LoRA antenna (Rs2) that is on sale in the Emlid store improves communication between the Rs-Rs + antennas.

Could someone verify it or do you have any tests that confirm it?.


Yes it improves the durabilty in my application (scraper) … But what I had mentioned was the RS+ gets a faster and stabler fix when I used RS2 as a base . I dont know if the antenna had anything to do with that.


Thanks David for the clarification.

I read your comment a long time ago and I assumed you had tried them in two Rs +.

I guess there must be an improvement and for that reason Emlid put them up for sale for basic devices, I still hope and someone can make a comparison between old and new antennas for Rs2 on Rs and Rs + devices.


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That is why I had requested it here RS2 antenna

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