RS2 antenna

Can we buy the RS2 LORA antenna seperate ? I want to use them on RS+ and damping platform . These are better than the previous when installed on machinery.


These antennas are not specific to the Emlid receivers. Let’s take a look and see what aftermarket or alternate brand antennas will work. I just got a flexible extended-range antenna for my topcon setup and it is amazing in comparison to the stock antenna. In coordination with others I’m sure we can come up with some good options.


Amazon ?

Probably, since they have the world monopoly.

@chascoadmin link for the one you like please? ; )

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LoRa antenna used in RS2 will be available separately a bit later!


It really improves LoRa on RS+ with RS2 antenna?

In my opinion it does . It will also take more abuse .:wink:

I think the Emlid antennas are 3.5dbi right? Here is a 5dbi.

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without swivel ?

Yes, those are available too, but the majority of them that I have found are only 3dbi so I need to find some specs on the stock antennas to compare. I found this one and one of the pictures says it is available in male or female, but the specs are the site were a little vague.

RP-SMA Straight 5dbi Antenna

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If Emild antennas would be that cheap I would stick with them.:grin:

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i also would like to try some other antennas on the rs+
so please post links and recommendations

I posted one just above and will continue to do so if I come across any others.

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